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Reviews: Activity High School, Mumbai

Sahny Villa, 2, Naoroji Gamadia Road, Off Peddar Road, Mumbai - 400026, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Activity High School, Mumbai

Rahi Shah (rahishah05) 1 year ago
The Pro Bro (kman) 1 year ago
Aarushi12 (aarushi90) 1 year ago
Ritika Mehta (ritikamehta) 3 years ago
Radhika Jhunjhunwala (radhs) 3 years ago
"they are extremely talented and teach us in different ways by solving board papers and other activities i am proud to be a student of activity high school"
Vinay Jogani (vinayjogani) 3 years ago
AkShat Shah (aks07) 3 years ago
Dharmik Solanki (dharmik7) 4 years ago
Anchit Jalan (anchit76) 4 years ago
Aadam Tayebji (aadam) 4 years ago
Belo Man (falskaar) 4 years ago

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