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Reviews: M. E. S. Kishore Kendra Public School, Bangalore

MES Kishora Kendra, III Stage. IV Main, 11th Cross, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru - 560097, Karnataka, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed M. E. S. Kishore Kendra Public School, Bangalore

Envy •Codm (yomom_69) 146 days ago
Nutan Singh (nutan_singh_m) 2 years ago
Dishanth Arya (dishanty) 2 years ago
Niharika Raghu (niharikarghu) 3 years ago
Rama B M (ramabm) 3 years ago
Dhanya Padasalgi (danny5) 3 years ago
Pramila Kg (kishan17) 3 years ago
Krishnappa H (goutami8050) 3 years ago
"All Teachers"
Ankith Krishnappa (ankith145) 3 years ago
Ankith Krishnappa (ankith145) 3 years ago
Guru Gautham N (gurugautham) 3 years ago
Gagan Ks (gaganks) 3 years ago
Dhanya Padasalgi (dhanya_23) 4 years ago
Shylaja G (english42) 4 years ago
"lovely school:)"
Dhanush Arun (dhanush22) 4 years ago
Chaitra Somashekar (chaitrasomashekar) 5 years ago
Bobby Varghese (bobbshobbs123) 5 years ago
"cool stuff"
Lucy_Heartfilia (lucy_heartfilia_nalu) 5 years ago
Rakshith Mahishi (arjun911) 5 years ago
mahesh1982 5 years ago
Tejas P.S (tejasps) 5 years ago
Nishanth Ronad (nishanth_ronad) 6 years ago
Amulya Mohan (amulyamohan) 6 years ago
Keerthana Ningaraju (questionpaperinsearch) 6 years ago
"East or west my MES is THE BEST.......I am proud to tell that it is my school...bestest school ever......luv u MES...."
Sahana (sahana42) 6 years ago
Thashwin !!!!!! (thashwin) 6 years ago
Aishwarya P S (aishwaryaps) 6 years ago
"I have to thank god because the school has supported me in all the ways...i am proud that i am a product of mes #mes"
Sharanya Anand (sharanyaanand) 6 years ago
Roshini R (rosh5620) 6 years ago
Harshita Pawar (harshita_pawar) 6 years ago
Shashank Doolipeta (shashankdr) 6 years ago
"Being Head Boy i van confidently and it is a pride to me to say 'The Best School" having 'The Best Teachers'."

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