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Nursery English/ Half Yearly Exam Paper of Paras School

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Prabhash Pratap Singh
Paras School of Holistic Learning,  Patna 
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PARAS SCHOOL OF HOLISTIC LEARNING Confluence of world class education with sacraments. Time: 2 Hours Class: Nursery Marks: 50 Half Yearly Examination Subject- English Date: 14/09/ 17 Day- Thursday Name:__________________________Class_____ UBS000______ Roll No. ________ Session: 2017-2018 Marks Obtained:_______ Sign. Of Invigilator: __________ Sign. of examiner___________ 1. Write the missing letters. 10 A ___ C ___ E ____ G ____ I ____ ____ L ____ ____ O ____ Q ____ S ____ U ____ W ____ Y ____. 2. Match the followings: 10 a) C is for i) FAN b) E is for ii) HEN c) F is for iii) APPLE d) A is for iv) ELEPHANT e) H is for v) CAT 3. Circle the following pictures whose name starts with this given letters. I. II.

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Nursery English/ Half Yearly Exam Paper of Paras School
by prabhash1994 

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