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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Commercial Studies (The Bishops School, Camp, Pune)

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Rasesh Ramadesikan
The Bishop's School, Camp, Pune
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THE BISHOP'S SCHOOL, PUNE SECOND PRELIMTNARY EXAMINATION 2O17.1A COMMERCIAL STUDIES STD: X A DA'lEt 4.L2.2O17 TIME: 2 HOURS TOTAL MARJaS: aO Answer to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately. You will not be aliowed to write durine the first t5 minutes. This tlme is to be spenr in reading the euestion paper. Ill! !ql: il!13!l!q!ead of rhis paper is the time allowed ror writins the answers. Sectlon A is compulsory. Artempt any Jaour questions from SecfionE The intended marks for questions or of questions are sr\en Ln brackets Sectton - A (4omarksl (Attempt dU questlons from this Secttonl OUESTION 1 l)ifferentiate bet$'ecn a) tsalance sheet and profit and loss account. b) Marketing and selling c) Formal communication and informal communication. cl) Shareholders and creditors. cl Uudget and forecast. t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l OUESTION 2 a) b) c) d) e) Whar is meant by eco efficiency? List any t$o qualities of a good sales man. What is GST? What is its need? Give any two merits of water transportation. Write any two features of lleceipts and payment account. OUESTION 3 a) What rs budgeting? b) Differentiate between credit card and debit card. cJ Name any hvo eco friendly technologres. d) What is meant by selection? e) Dciine sales promotion. qU_ESIIQ! !1 a) What is causa proxima? b) Which are thc documents used in Warehousing? c) Wdtc any two disarlvantages of rail transport. d) What is proxemrcs? c) Detine marketing rescarch. l2l t2l tzl t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l t2l SECTIONE_(4Omark3l (Attempt OUDSTION 5 a. b. cLng Jour quesrio ns this secrion/ Differentiatc between open cheque and crossed cheque. lludgets are very useiul in management. Justifv. (s) (s) QUDSTION 6. a. b. Urieflv explain any five factors a business person would consider while selecting an appropdate media ior advertising. tS) What do you understand by group insurance? State any five of its features. l5l OUF,STION 7 a. b. Ilow can environmental values and ethics be protected? Support your answer with reasons.lsl llxplain the diffcrent sources of internai recrurtment. tsl OUESTION 8 a. what are thc barriers to effective communication? Explain any five of the barriers. {Sl b. Itxplain the five main rights of the consumers as provided in rhe Consumers protection Act , 1946. OUESTION 9 a. Distinguish between the Principle of Indemnity and the principte of tnsurable interesr. b. Explain rhe role of commercial banks in the economic devetopment of the country. (sl l5l (S) OUESTTON 10. From the following Trial balance of Shri Rai Bahadur, Prepare Trading, proflt and Loss Account and Balance Shcet for the tear ending 31$ March, 2012. [Ol

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