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Will diagrams be asked for the exam, and if so, which ones?
asked by Michael Chandy (michael44) 1 year ago
Is the 1st chapter(cell organelle one) there in syllabus????
asked by Aquaman- King of the Seven Seas (shauns) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by shauns  

Heyyy Liinnkk Maaasstteer!!!
Could you provide the link for 2019 ICSE Biology Paper??!! (Now don't say you'll do it tomorrow) xD
asked by Prateek Pradhan (prateek235) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by prateek235  

Link master do u have links for all the experiments that are there in plant physiology
asked by SODA The Ultimate comedy (aniruddha_1) 1 year ago

+ 4 more questions by aniruddha_1  

CAn anyone send pollution and population questions
Coz I haven't  started with those chips
I haven't done the diagrams 
I m cursed with bio
asked by Ayush Agarwal (qwertyuiop12345678901234567890) 1 year ago

+ 4 more questions by qwertyuiop12345678901234567890  

asked by Annhaliator (laxyone) 1 year ago

+ 10 more questions by laxyone  

Nme the most abundant pigment found on earth?
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by bitthal04 Since you guys love solving papers. #ask for answer key.
Unable to publish on res from phone ☹️
asked by Isha Choudhury (dessicatedcoconut) 1 year ago

+ 4 more questions by dessicatedcoconut  

Normal BP is 140/90 rt?
Or is it 120/80 or something??
I think it's 140/90
asked by Ashish Mathew (ash_matt) 1 year ago
what was the arrage the fololwing in pg 56 of concise?
asked by (godblessme20) 1 year ago

+ 5 more questions by godblessme20  

How would you justify that australopithecus was a human ancestor?
asked by Deeksha (deeksha9) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by deeksha9  

Is the format of tomorrow's paper going to be like the specimen paper of 2019?
asked by Sahaj Shah (eternityseeker) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by eternityseeker  

1) Prehuman ancestor is Ramapithecus or Cro-Magnon
2) How to write scientific names
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 1 year ago

+ 9 more questions by teleansh  

Can anyone explain the feedback mechanism (control of hormonal secretions)
asked by Vindhya Badal (_itsme_) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by _itsme_  

Photos, Grana, absorb energy, split water molecules and stoma.  arrange in logical sequence
asked by Zoe D S (zoeds) 1 year ago
Here are 2 suicide questions(Made only for brave-hearted):
1. What is the colourless substance in which haemoglobin is present?
2. What do the WBCs produce in order to perform diapedesis?
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 1 year ago
Linkmaster को मेरा सादर प्रणाम ।
कृपया कर मुझे अपनी शक्तिया प्रदान करे ।
asked by Aryan Gupta (xprince) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by xprince  

Guys which plant hormone controls the colour of stomata??
asked by SId m (siddhant03) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by siddhant03  

Bring them in! More suicide questions!
asked by Mr. Mathematics (aditya_bandaru) 1 year ago

+ 5 more questions by aditya_bandaru  

Y is it necessary to maintain the osmotic concentration of the blood?
asked by Pauravi Bandgar (rockstar123456) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by rockstar123456  

Guys I am not able to remember this
Brain- white matter INSIDE 
           Gray matter outside 
Spinal cord- vice versa 
Does anyone has a short form 
Please help
asked by Aryan Jani (aryan_jani) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by aryan_jani  

1. What is the synaptic cleft and how is it different from the synapse?
2. Which fluid is present inside the inner ear?
asked by Harjas Bajaj (jammy229) 1 year ago
What are the processes that occur during the bio-synthetic phase?

Polymerization occurs after the bio-synthetic phase, right?
asked by Mackintoshandcheese (mackintoshandcheese) 1 year ago
Sums up your situation, I guess....
asked by ... (sam307) 1 year ago
Sometimes I notice a problem. In some question papers, when I place my cursor over an already answered response(showing 1 or more responses), the answer box just turns up blank. Look at the answer below for a screenshot. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
asked by Vignesh Natarajan (vsharp) 1 year ago
what is difference icse board and cbse board. which one is better for neet exam?
asked by T.M.Devi T.M (pavithran5) 1 year ago
Why should a plant be destarched before conducting experiments for photosynthesis?
asked by Ssm (ssm2020) 1 year ago
what are secondary oocytes?
asked by Rajas Baadkar (pubgalpha) 1 year ago
Antibodies vs antibiotics (source)
Serum vs vaccine ( composition )
Producers vs consumers ( mode of nutrition )
asked by Aditya Dungrani (chickezz5) 1 year ago
Was it compulsory to write signs in chem exam for arrange in sequence
asked by Vaibhav Srikumar (svaibhav03) 1 year ago
what are cells of acini and how are they different from islets of langerhans 
if they ask us to label a part close to ovary part of fallopian tube, should we label fimbriae or oviducal funnel
define the terms impregnation, parturition and after birth.
asked by Sankhya Gowda (taankkkkk) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by taankkkkk  

What are the second and third Mendel Laws??
( They are not given properly in our prescribed textbook).
asked by Pranav Kant Tripathi (pranav0206) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by pranav0206  

Can somebody please summarize the drawings we need to know(for drawing)
asked by Sm (sat23) 1 year ago
choose the odd on e out and mention the category to which the others belong:
FSH, TSH, LH, Prolactin
asked by Mishra Neelam (snehamishra) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by snehamishra  

Can someone post chemistry 2019 question paper ?
asked by Sachin Jude (sachinjude1) 1 year ago
how many marks do i lose if i dont put the heat symbol in question 1 part c part i) (the question for writing the equation of reduction of copper oxide by hydrogen)
asked by Nikita Dileep (nikita70) 1 year ago
Will i lose marks if i wrote from least to most preferred in the ions Q
asked by Dhruv Singh (dhruv103) 1 year ago
How much marks will v get for unbalanced equation?
Reactants and products are correct.
asked by Arya Ajith (arya1019) 1 year ago
VeRy EasY Non APpliCatIOn PaPEr
asked by Tubhyam Mehta (tirth7683) 1 year ago

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