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All it takes is one bad day.
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 1 year ago

+ 9 more questions by rikhil32  

What's up,y'all? Please upload prelims papers of the year 2020 of Bombay scottish school.
asked by Alan (anuakil) 1 year ago
Anyone appeared for Dec FTRE exam?
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 1 year ago

+ 7 more questions by bitthal04  

Prose- sin20.sin40.sin80=√3/8

Can somebody please help me with this sum?
asked by Ssm (ssm2020) 1 year ago
Do I get answers for these question papers
asked by Nikunj k (nisha1978) 1 year ago
Hey guys! I was using Respaper for free for more than 3 years but suddenly today it started saying to pay :_( So annoying
asked by Rishi dey chowdhury (rishidc) 1 year ago
all the best for your boards
asked by Kumar Shantanu (kumar_shantanu) 1 year ago
Anyone know if byju has anything for icse? my dad asked me to look for it, and i thought i'd ask here.
asked by Cbox (cbox) 1 year ago
Felt nostalgic, might delete later.
asked by ... (sam307) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by sam307  

Wasn’t this place like a 100x more active the same time last year?
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 1 year ago

+ 4 more questions by sciencegeek  

i upoaded my note on res papaer free of cost but why am i not able to download anything
asked by Dinesh Tamang (dinu12346) 1 year ago
Will i get solutions also
asked by Jyotika Dhareshwar (jyotikad) 1 year ago
explain 58 question
asked by Susmitha V (susmitha1411) 1 year ago
Where can i get class 12 History notes
asked by S Ray (correctanswer) 1 year ago
anybody has icse french 2019 board paper
asked by Dkg (dipticlass10) 1 year ago
where do i get the solutions for specimen paper 2017
asked by Jai Sai Maruthi Surgicals (qwerty2004) 1 year ago
Is it suggested to make an outline of the essay in English?
asked by |∆| (broken_heart) 1 year ago
want to download the papers ...asking for payment, when entered details, it is not taking
asked by Vasudev Ka (lily18) 1 year ago
how to get the answer for the prelim paper
asked by Srinarayanan Srinivas (neymarfan) 1 year ago
how to get the answers for the sample question paper on 9th standard.
asked by Dinesh Vindu (dineshvindu) 1 year ago
Plzz help!!! I need icse 2019 class 10 physics specimen paper.....
asked by Sweetty Jain (prachi_jain11) 1 year ago
what is a timetable of 2020 of class 12  of board
asked by Bhawna Saxena (naitiksaxena5) 1 year ago
HEY EVERYONE! How 're you all doing?
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 1 year ago
2020 Timetable's been released
27 Feb Eng1
3 Mar  Maths
6 Mar  Eng2
11 Mar HC
13 Mar Phy
16 Mar Che
18 Mar Sec Lang
20 Mar Geo
23 Mar CTA/Group 3 elective
26 Mar Hindi 
30 Mar Bio
asked by Sanjay (sanjay673) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by sanjay673  

can i get sample or previous question papers for 2nd language Oriya or any link for Oriya
asked by Raaga Sanhita (raaga1612) 1 year ago
9th english literature question paper
asked by Mithun miras mithun (mithunmiras) 1 year ago
please help help!!!
i need 10th icse  tamil 10 years question paper and 
some notes too
asked by Snega Sri (apmelon) 1 year ago
why am I not able to see all the sides of the question paper? I can only see the first side
asked by Arushi Badoni (arushib12) 1 year ago
Can someone provide me the links for ICSE pupil analysis for 2017, 2018, and 2019 (if released)?
Please, my sister needs them.
asked by Shreya Bhagat (hermione02) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by hermione02  

do you have to create a paypal account to sign up?
asked by Varun Pabreja (varunpabreja) 1 year ago
Where are your questions tenthies???
asked by Nisarg Bhavsar (nisarg71) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by nisarg71  

define request edge and claim edge?
asked by Lord Abhishek (lord_abhishek) 1 year ago
Physics: done till Collision
Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Peridioc properties, Gaseous State, Chemical Quilibrium, H2 and s-block.
Maths: whole coordinate except hyperbola, basic trigo.

Where you at now jee g_ys?
asked by Aryan Gupta (xprince) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by xprince  

Damn, the time gap between the questions asked here scares me!!!
I can still see the questions which are from around 117 days ago!!!!
Man, I miss you guys....
asked by Mr. Mathematics (aditya_bandaru) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by aditya_bandaru  

Hey guys!!!
Feels great to return to res and to see all these familiar faces which were my companion throughout my tenth standard struggle...

I wish to know something... is there a res page for cbse 11th and 12th studying students??
asked by Arya Ajith (arya1019) 1 year ago
I'm preparing for neet and i also want to give the kvpy exam. How do i prepare for it??
asked by Aarushi12 (aarushi90) 1 year ago
how many of you are applying to SPA for B.Arch
asked by Richa Karki (trishakarki) 1 year ago
1 Nice place for nice materials
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 1 year ago
RESENGERS : The Force Awakens
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 1 year ago

+ 9 more questions by teleansh  

Im in a bit of a Dilemma here. 
What is the level of Physics in NEET & AIIMS? How does it compare to that of JEE Mains? Would it be advisable to join the join JEE batch of Physics in my extra coaching, so that I stay ahead of my fellow NEET-ers ? Or is it just extra burden for nothing? My sir suggests that I should join the JEE batch since I've got potential and if I'm well-accustomed to JEE level of sums, NEET physics will be nothing... (Yes, Im going for physics to a place other than Aakash). Thoughts, please. Thank you.
asked by Prateek Pradhan (prateek235) 1 year ago
sup homies where y'all taking classes ? 
I'm going lakshya IIT coaching
asked by Aditya Dungrani (chickezz5) 1 year ago
Explain why deciduous monsoon forests are found on the eastern part of South India
asked by Umesh Gupta (tidallydfhjjjh) 1 year ago
Some more info about kvpy SA(basically for 11th) as i had qualified first round with just 2 months prep:)
Maths of kvpy is above jee mains and below advanced so keep that in mind while solving problems.Here previous year papers become gold
Bio is very scoring even if u are a comp student, dont trust me just check the last year papers.You'll be able to solve most already if u were proficient in 10th.
For chem the important topics are aromaticity, hydrocarbons and mole concept.
Physics is a russian roulete as it depends on your luck from where the questions come,but itll mainly be from thermo,newtons laws and friction and constrained motion
asked by Jeff mckinley (chende) 1 year ago
*who is a ScHoLaR?*
asked by My Name Is Khanna (mynameiskhanna) 1 year ago
Hi guys,
Any commerce student out there?
If yes which school have you joined?
asked by Ssm (srimathis) 1 year ago
Why is there no Instagram page for RESians... There should be one, right?
asked by Aquaman- King of the Seven Seas (shauns) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by shauns  

anyone giving ICSE in 2020. pls call me
asked by Krish Agrawal (krish333) 1 year ago
Meet u all up in isc section
asked by Annhaliator (laxyone) 2 years ago
I got 98.2% (491/500) from West Bengal, what can be my state or nstional rank
asked by Agnihotri Bhattacharyya (swayangsiddha) 2 years ago
I am jealous by everyone's English score. Checking was so easy!
Sad life :)
asked by (godblessme20) 2 years ago

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