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Have anybody seen this??
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 144 days ago

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Anyone else who failed to get tickets for endgame LoL
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 144 days ago

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Anyone here who is going to appeared NDA entrance exam on 21st april , 2019?
asked by Kull (kulvant786) 152 days ago

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Anyone here pls would like to share his or her coaching material PDF 
If possible 
Thanks in advance
asked by Ayush Agarwal (qwertyuiop12345678901234567890) 152 days ago
How the state rsnk of a student can be assumed from icse
asked by Agnihotri Bhattacharyya (swayangsiddha) 153 days ago
Anyone who is moving to Cbse or state syllabus for 11th ?
asked by Meghana (megholia) 154 days ago
Is there any difference in CBSE and ICSE class 11-12th syllabus.
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 156 days ago

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Any updates on ICSE result??? BTW I have started 11th PCM , which chaps are you all on?? I am doing basic maths, Kinematics and atomics.
asked by ICSE Preparer (icsepreparer) 158 days ago

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._____. What should I prep for an interview?! Helpplis?
asked by Isha Choudhury (dessicatedcoconut) 162 days ago

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Hey guys, wish you a prosperous and happy Ugadi!!!
(I might be a day late... :P)
asked by Mr. Mathematics (aditya_bandaru) 162 days ago

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So guys LINK MASTER HERE... so any of u guys who are getting bored or Wants total mobilization of their brains and logical question kindly refer to the link given below in than red box.....

Maybe it could free u from your boredom.......
Refer below
asked by Annhaliator (laxyone) 166 days ago

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Hey Friends, I know I'm writing this really late, but I was kinda busy and keep forgetting to do the same. I ain't a writer as good as Uncle Sam, so please bear with me. 
I'm feeling nostalgic already. I'll miss all my friends, my teachers who were annoyed by me, and of course, many of you who have already left Res/gonna leave Res. 

I still dwell upon those days, when my Chemistry Teacher called me on the board to write an Equation, which I had no idea about. My friend sitting in the front quickly copied the equation on the piece of paper and handed it over to me while I'd walked over to the board. Then my teacher used to catch me, and I was sent out of the class. This happened 2-3 times, never had I learnt a lesson. 
I remember those days, when 4 of us used to eat Oreo during class hours. I caught the teacher's attention, and pointed to my friend who was eating, and then while the teacher was screwing him, I enjoyed my biscuit. 
I remember those days, when I came to Res, and started to talk to you guys. I've had such amazing cum fun days here on Res. Now, it's all gone as many of us have left Res.
Also, here at Res, 
I've had a friend who used to boast off about anything he could get a chance at. He "never left an opportunity to flex"...yet, he was one of my best friends, and we had solved many papers together. We had chatted a LOT in the inbox. 

I've had an elder sister who used to force me to go and study. She tried to hide her name from me, for a long time, but then I used some tactics and go to know her name. She is my didi. 

I've has a friend, who strongly believed that love does not exist. But, he has a "true love" towards Mathematics(Irony, right?). We've solved a few papers together, had a nice time in the inbox and chats, and did pretty creative things together(Like linking the people on Res to Harry Potter characters)

I've had a friend, who was always seemed to be hopeless about her studies. She thought she was weal at it, and seemed depressed. She's asked a lot of general doubts here on Res, and was pretty humerous. 

I've had a elder friend cum uncle, who was a savage guy. He used to mercilessly roast his enemies. Yet, he's undoubtedly the most helpful person here on Res. He's caught me spamming also(Yes, I'm the "idontknow56"....Sam was 1st to realize that)

I've had a friend, who was really excited to know "how to propose" and "how's your gf"...ultimately, I had had to block him. But as present, we're friends again. 

I've had a friend who was undoubtedly the best Res_Artist. His drawings were literally out of the world(Or rather, out of the res_world). He has his own AWESOME sites, like 

I've had a critic, who used to simply mention "wrong" to most of my answers, especially and only in Computers, without telling me the correct answer. Nevertheless,  we're friends now. 

I've had a friend cum enemy(read also: entertainer), against whom I've always had a fight. He had blindly critisized about my Blog(Some of them were valid, though...thanks for pointing them out) He's been instrumental in lightening up my mood, because whenever I fought with him, it gave me a lot of pleasure to roast him...Thanks!

I've had a group of friends, who simply used words like "nigga", and always called each other "scholurs", whenever they'd got the slightest opportunity. Nonetheless, they're all really smart, all 3 of them, and knew a lot of stuff. They also helped in lightening up my mood with their silly fights and words. 

If you've read till here and have successfully survived, I'd really like to appreciate your patience. God, how I'll miss all of you. You're all such a good family!

Ending this post, I'd like to THANK YOU all for all that you've done for me. May you be successful in every advent of life, and, more important than that, I hope you all stay happy and make sure that others near you are also always happy. The only reason I used to act like an idiot in ICSE hangouts was so that you'd all have a smile on your faces! Hope I see you people...soon. 
Thanking you,
Dr. Rikhil Gupta
Hope I see you people..
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 166 days ago
explain giving any two reasons why the deltas of the river Mahanadi suffer from occassional floods
asked by Deyasini Roy (riyadeyasini) 169 days ago
Resonates, I got an information from chief commando operators. They say that the D-Day and Dread Day is on 13th. So be arm'd (spiritually as well) 
Sending worst wishes,
Obviously me.
asked by Aryan Gupta (xprince) 170 days ago

+ 2 more questions by xprince  

This res Q/A page is really a periodic one. Like the sine and cosine functions.. xD
The events unfolded the same manner as they did,last year. The same way this page was flooded with questions and posts, the same kinda friendship between the "Ressers", the same kinda joy eveyone's experiencing after the end of boards, the same way some people are asking others to come back during results, all this, just like last year. AMAZING!  And I also believe that after some days or weeks- whatever, there will be predictions by some people of the result date.I'm really glad to see you guys breaking the shackles of boards and now, finally might be able to enjoy freedom. Don't let any kind of "joyspoiler", enter your freebee mind for some weeks. Enjoy life like its gonna end tomorrow( if you want a serious rank in exams like JEE,then you guys might start preparations after some weeks...)  And believe me, 11th is gonna be fun too! My joy was of next level, during my time! And it must be! Come on, you guys are over with a really significant public exam of your lives. And now, you carry the experience which you can share with the coming batch of ICSE. You guys worked hard, if not throughout the year, then during boards and it will pay the result proportionally(for now, don't overthink regarding the results). I'm a 2k18 ICSEian and very less do I appear here, since class 11th began. so, many of you might not know me. MY BEST WISHES WITH YOU ALL, STAY HAPPY, STAY BLESSED!! This is a really wonderful phase of your life, you'll understand this next year! Ba-byeeee!!
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 174 days ago
I'm so glad I got to be a part of this! Thanks to all of y'all for EVERYTHING. I know for a fact that I'm gonna keep returning to this wonderful site. Thank you, the creators of ResPaper for this. I know we all will move on, and few of us might just stay back for a year or two.
I just wanna wish all of y'all BEST OF LUCK in ALL your future endeavours. 
And one last thing, Stay Connected! Here are few of my social media IDs-
Instagtam- hxrjxs
Snapchat- harjas_22
Pubg(ya this is random but why not)- HarjasBajaj
Taking leave, 
Yours truly,
Harjas Bajaj.
asked by Harjas Bajaj (jammy229) 174 days ago
Chemistry Exam was 1000 times more easier than expected.
Do u agree ??
asked by Sarosh Sadaqut (life_is_ajoke) 174 days ago
hey all you Res buddies, thanks for being around ...this was great virtual combined study and boards was fun giving it ye all! thanks to all those who took time out to respond to all queries ... hope see ya all around in X! & XIIth too...till then have a great holiday! cheers
asked by Zoe D S (zoeds) 174 days ago
Hey Guys,
I was at my friend's house to celebrate Boards getting over..
Result or no result, it was a great time
Ashish Mathew a.k.a. ash_matt
asked by Ashish Mathew (ash_matt) 174 days ago

+ 1 more questions by ash_matt  

Sorry If I'm being a spoilsport here.. But when does the result come out? And how are y'all expecting to fare ? (Quantitatively) ...
asked by Prateek Pradhan (prateek235) 175 days ago

+ 3 more questions by prateek235  

Feeling happy!!
asked by Purvam Prajapati (purvam) 175 days ago
I am really very happy today as the paper went very well and one more thing that I am really grateful to my resmates coz you people had helped me lot during this entire month I wish you all the best for your future endeavours
asked by SODA The Ultimate comedy (aniruddha_1) 175 days ago

+ 1 more questions by aniruddha_1  

asked by Aditya Dungrani (chickezz5) 175 days ago
Best of luck resmates . Not just for today's examination but also for upcoming years.
asked by Aman jha (amanjha69) 175 days ago
What should I study from the chapter pollution in 30 mins??
asked by Prateek Gurjar (godblessme20) 175 days ago

+ 1 more questions by godblessme20  

1) Explain opening and closing of stomata with regard to potassium-ion theory
2)GR. One rotten orange can spoil a while basket of oranges.
3)Water molecules, oxygen, grana, hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, photons.(Logical sequence)(I think grana, photons, water molecules, hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, water).
asked by Sanjay (sanjay673) 175 days ago
process of maintaining water and salt balance in the body.....
asked by Sankhya Gowda (taankkkkk) 175 days ago

+ 3 more questions by taankkkkk  

The leaves of a plant are wilted during day due to excessive transpiration. What reason will you give if they remain wilted even during the night?
asked by Agrajah Bhobe (iron_man98) 175 days ago
Bile, Urea, Uric acid, Ammonia
Odd one out and category of remaining
asked by Varun Khadpe (varunkhadpe) 175 days ago

+ 2 more questions by varunkhadpe  

Suicide question 
What is the function of cortisone
asked by Aryan Jani (aryan_jani) 175 days ago
Link master! Can you please give the evolution (Features of man and stuff) notes please!!?!
asked by Aquaman- King of the Seven Seas (shauns) 175 days ago
Find the odd one out and state the category to which the others belong: 

Cerebrum, cerebellum, olfactory lobe, diencephalon
asked by Mackintoshandcheese (mackintoshandcheese) 175 days ago
cerebrum : diencephelon :: cerebellum : ?
asked by Tanya (tanyaherondale) 175 days ago

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