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KVPY preparation tips , tricks and other info
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 20 hours ago

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Has anyone giving ASAT this year? if yes, please share the scholarship percentage they offered you? Is it worth giving ASAT again? (I am getting 30% scholarship and I have 90 % in boards and haven't appear for exams like NTSE or olympiads, mentioned this since they consider other performance into account)
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 1 day ago

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Please explain me law of equivalence in depth.
asked by Aryan Gupta (xprince) 1 day ago

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I have a really serious question about a song Tu hai ki nahi:

At first Ranbir said:
"Har Saans Se Pooch Ke Bataa De
Inke Faaslon Mein, Tu Hai Ki Nahi"

But at last he said:
"Aake Saansein De Mujhe Tu Taaki Zinda Me Rahun
Main Aas-Paas Tere Aur Mere Paas..."

Isn't this mathematically impossible like how can he first ask if you are present there or not and then say that he is near her. Forget maths it is also a contradiction to laws of nature that a object can either exist or not.

asked by Bishwa Saha (bishwa17) 2 days ago

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Hey people!
Write down here your top 5 favorite Avengers after Endgame (Which means you can't include Tony/Cap/Nat...sorry!)
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 3 days ago

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Hi guys,
Any commerce student out there?
If yes which school have you joined?
asked by Ssm (srimathis) 4 days ago
Why is there no Instagram page for RESians... There should be one, right?
asked by Aquaman- King of the Seven Seas (shauns) 5 days ago

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I am missing those old res days!!!๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–
asked by Nisarg Bhavsar (nisarg71) 5 days ago

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anyone giving ICSE in 2020. pls call me
asked by Krish Agrawal (krish333) 6 days ago
Meet u all up in isc section
asked by Annhaliator (laxyone) 12 days ago

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Wait, there's an AIR for ICSE?
asked by Mr. Mathematics (aditya_bandaru) 12 days ago

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I got 98.2% (491/500) from West Bengal, what can be my state or nstional rank
asked by Agnihotri Bhattacharyya (swayangsiddha) 13 days ago

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I am jealous by everyone's English score. Checking was so easy!
Sad life :)
asked by Prateek Gurjar (godblessme20) 13 days ago
amazing results everyone! continue to work hard
asked by โšกThe Flashโšก (devanshu8) 14 days ago
My heartiest congratualtions to all the scholars out here who have passed with such extraordinary marks!! May u keep scoring auch marks always and make ur parents feel proud of u๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ŠAll the very best for ur future endeavours ppl!
asked by Nikki (rshah21) 14 days ago

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Who else is applying for rechecking
asked by Dhruv Singh (dhruv103) 14 days ago
Congo aditya dungrani for getting unprecedented 98.4
asked by Ayush Agarwal (qwertyuiop12345678901234567890) 14 days ago

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Congratulations everyone!
asked by Jatin Singh (jatin_jr) 14 days ago
Seems like everyone is dead today. We have had 4 "questions" today and we did not get a single response.
asked by Pranav Kant Tripathi (pranav0206) 14 days ago

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Hi. So we have arrived at D-day and I am fascinated to see the old faces still lurking here. Especially seniors even when they have their own studies to look out for.

I know that most of us are jittery or worse tensed but I want you to take deep breaths imagine the worst possible and the flip side to it. For me worst is that I'll stay back in my old school even though that means two years of seeing very few faces(most of them rather choose cbse) but the flip side is no better. The whole year I was rather hoping that I would not have to see the old faces (and put up with their fakeness) but it's only now that I realise it's a fool's utopia.

But even after knowing what's coming, the question is Does that make things worse? Obviously no. It's only dreading that's going to make you tensed, anxious and what not. On the other hand if you plan it well you'll be ready for what's coming and perhaps it's not ideal but it is what it is. You'll have to find a way out. Don't try your luck but rely on your wit, please.
asked by Isha Choudhury (dessicatedcoconut) 14 days ago

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Why ur website is asking for money now.
asked by Vivek Kumar (kashish60) 14 days ago
Sam bhaiya?
Since you've prepared for NEET & AIIMS for the past 2 years, I think there's no one better equipped than you to answer my question as I am a NEET aspirant myself starting 11th.
What books would you recommend? I've seen a lot of blogs with books for JEE but not for NEET and AIIMS. What all did you follow and what tips would you have?
asked by Prateek Pradhan (prateek235) 14 days ago
ICSE results tomorrow!!! How are you guys feeling????
asked by Vignesh Natarajan (vsharp) 15 days ago
Am I the only one who'll not be able to check their result straightaway due to coaching. I'll know it after 8 p.m. :(
asked by Soumya Mishra (soumya_05) 15 days ago
Guys just 2 days ,19 hours and 4 mnts to go for result all the very best people!!!
asked by Kull (kulvant786) 16 days ago

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Payment site on paypal is not working from last 4 days, is there any other way to pay and get services?
asked by Arnav Mehta (arnavxii) 17 days ago
I am not able to pay for the papers and notes, please help me out
asked by hemasingh 17 days ago
Something to think/laugh about: imagine those icse students, who are probably enjoying a trip (with poor internet) somewhere among the mountains, beaches, or wherever isolated. And also they wonโ€™t really check their phones because well, itโ€™s an Internet detox vacay kinda thing! And then they return to find out that icse results were released a few days ago๐Ÿ˜‚ someone asks them โ€œwhat are you results?โ€ And know๐Ÿ˜‚
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 19 days ago

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Results to be released by CISCE on 7th of May at 3.00 p.m. Confirmed official information. For more info visit and see its notice board.
asked by Sanjay (sanjay673) 20 days ago
Itโ€™s official: Results out on 7th May, 2019.
All the best!
asked by Shreya Bhagat (hermione02) 20 days ago
Hey everyone :) I hope you are having a good time. My schools starts tomorrow and I need your blessings.
asked by Jeevan Kumar (jeevanms) 22 days ago
Anyone who is moving to Cbse or state syllabus for 11th ?
asked by Meghana (megholia) 35 days ago
Any updates on ICSE result??? BTW I have started 11th PCM , which chaps are you all on?? I am doing basic maths, Kinematics and atomics.
asked by ICSE Preparer (icsepreparer) 40 days ago

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