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Hey y'all! Idk if anyone remembers me, but let's give this a go. Comment below if you do!
asked by Gargie D'souza (gar_d02) 2 days ago
For download of ISC prelim papers what is the easier way ? I tried to pay through my Visa debit card but failed.
asked by Ayandip Garai (pathaalo) 8 days ago
I face too much difficulty in history and chemistry. I just can't mug up stuff like 4-5 huge points(in history) and the equations(I tried remembering them logically, but during the exam I write an equation which is correct in real life, but not there in t.b, although similar to it)... Please HELP ME
I'm afraid of my percentage to go down just because of these two subjects...
I'm pretty fine with the other subjects
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 8 days ago
Silver nitrate crystals are dissolved in distilled water and not in tap water why?
asked by Vindhya Badal (_itsme_) 12 days ago

+ 3 more questions by _itsme_  

can any one tell me the important ques frm electromagnetism is n physics am very poorij tht plz
asked by Sharanya mistry (sharanyamistry) 13 days ago
How to download the papers?
asked by Aamruta Parab (aamu) 17 days ago
Hi guys i just wanted to ask how can i improve my chemistry because i am really weak in it i score 53 out of 100 in my selection examinations
asked by Amit Prasad (coder_amit) 17 days ago
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 21 days ago

+ 1 more questions by devanshu8  

Hello guys!! Now its been a reallllllyyyy long time since I last posted something on this page. No!! I wasn't into studies!! I was too busy in a silly mobile game, knowing the silliness of which, I deleted yesterday. So, let me introduce myself to the ones who don't know me. My name is...(see at the bottom right, below the post), a 2018 ICSEian, now a JEE aspirant. You can imagine my creepiness by the fact that my dp is the best pic of mine I found. I wanted to guide the new ones and I will. Please inbox me if any new one is facing menace in any one of the subjects except commerce. I will surely try to help by sharing my experience. I really don't want that you guys commit the blunders of the kind I committed in the ICSE. So, please feel free to inbox me. I will not be frequent in appearing here, so may be my reply will take some time but I will do help if I can. 
Work hard guys, this hard work will remain with you throughout your life.You'll be literally laughing at the board question paper, if you've studied well throughout. If not even throughout, even the last 3 month hard work will be enough for you guys to secure more than you will have ever expected!! Believe me, I used to laugh in the reading time!! xD

As for my mates(RESMITRAS), please contact me. I'm missing those lovely days when this page was flooded with posts and chat was flooded with people!! Ohhh, those lovely days of boards!! I'll never forget them!! I don't know what's wrong with the chat page. I do wish it will work soon. Ba-bye!!!
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 22 days ago

+ 3 more questions by aayushjoshi  

i need 2013 maths ppr solutn plz.. cn sum1 snd it to me in msg?
asked by Ambika Panwar (ambika22) 23 days ago
From where do we get the solutions for the English papers?
asked by Mahima Shettu (shettymahima) 26 days ago
Hello everyone! 
I guess everybody’s doing well. This is for the current 10th batch, so others can skip this, though they won’t. So, ICSE is near. Don’t get panic guys. Here are some common doubts:- 
Question.1 ) Which are the best books to study and score more in ICSE? 
Answer.1 ) Best books for ICSE are as follows:
• History & Civics: Total History & Civics [Morning Star]. 
• Geography: Saraswati. 
• Mathematics: Concise [Selina]. 
• Physics: Concise [Selina]. 
• Biology: Concise [Selina]. 
• Chemistry: Viraf J Dalal [Sir]. 
• Computer: Sumita Arora [Mam]. 
• English Grammar: 
*Wren and Martin. 
*Morning Star [Of Classes 9,10,11,12]. 
• English Literature: 
*Evergreen for poem & stories. 
*Morning Star for MOV. 
• Hindi: 
*Evergreen for Poem & Stories.
 *Vyakaran any publisher. 
*Naya rasta any publisher.
Question.2) How to prepare for each subject?
Answer.2) Preparation tips are as follows:
• History & Civics: I guess many students fear this subject but trust me it's the best subject. One should not learn such things but understand. Always do that in a chronological order, it will be easier. Keep revising the chapters. Try to make as many questions as you can, paragraph wise. Try to understand it in the language you feel comfortable, like in my case I felt comfortable in Hindi, for which my teacher taught me in Hindi and it turned out to be good. It's up to you make notes or not, but I didn't, but do underline in your book, and at least read once each line of the book. You will definitely miss this subject, as I am now. Its best advantage I felt is it maintains or one can better say increases our learning power. You can't leave any chapter.
• Geography: Its a pretty easy subject or one can say the easiest subject to score in. Here for maps, just do all the places given in the syllabus, note them down on a sheet without marking, and then start marking, do use colors. For topography sheets, slove all the sheets given at the end of the book, after solving, take each sheet separately and try to figure as many questions one can and answer them. Your school teachers may say to you to not to write anything on the sheets but don't listen to them as nobody's not going to check the sheets, draw on the sheets or highlight if needed like for directions and all. Now coming to chapters, you can skip some chapters but do +1 chapter other than the number of chapters required. The answers will not be of more than three lines. So, it's so easy.
• Mathematics: Are you thinking it as tough but really it's not. First of all, don't use different books, just use one. Do the examples first, then attempt the exercise questions. Pay more attention to proper steps and signs. I am not saying to climb the mountains but do solve regularly means Mathematics should be touched daily. Read the questions carefully, write carefully, and check carefully. Try to increase your speed. Do revision regularly. Keep the reward system. Do tests each Sunday.
• Physics: For Physics, I will use one-word 'CONCEPTS'. Guys what you all, including me lack is our concepts aren't clear and we try to learn the things without them. First of all get your concepts clear, then learn them. Do each and every numerical, first solve examples. Especially pay more attention to that of Heat chapter. Master your lens chapters. The answers are so short but they are to the point, can only be answered if the concepts are clear. No answer will be big if there then only one or two. In science one mostly lose marks in this subject.
• Biology: Pay more attention to spellings. Many do lose marks just for spellings. Answers here are short. Learn experiments, the figure based, diagram-based question too. One forgets the terms here because of their hard names, so write and learn. Here some answers will be of 5-6 lines but only like 4 or maximum 5. Others will be short.
• Chemistry: It's a good scoring subject. In this subject most children fear due to the syllabus, they think it's more. For them, I say just come in 11th. Do practice all equations, balancing is the must. All answers I say 'all' are short ones. Do learn preparation and all. Give reasons are also important. Do learn colors and all.
• Computer: I say just do '10 years' for this it's enough but does study the book too. Everytime those repeated programs, those questions. And even the checking is easy. One shouldn't lose even a single mark in this. Practice output questions.
• English Grammar: In this subject, there are two types of people. One who do many questions and the time comes when repetition starts coming. The second one, who gets everything clear. To be honest I feel sad that I was in the first category due to less time but I scored good and is at peace. So, if you have time, get the methods, like how to do. But if there's no time I will suggest practice 100 questions of functional grammar daily, and time will come that repetition will start, and you will get them correct. Read the questions/passage carefully. For Essays, emails read more and more. Make your vocabulary rich. Do read newspapers. One further advice, if wanna go in ISC, then please don't hand over your ICSE Grammar to anyone.
• English Literature: Do read The Merchant of Venice, Poems, Short Stories as much as you can. First of all, always read and learn about the writer just a few essential points. In question and answers ( Not for MOV ) write the writer's name. Don't dare to follow any guide. You will be caught for that resulting loss in marks. Do take Xavier Pinto [ Sir ] 's workbook answers from your teacher, no answer will be out from them. It's just asking the question in a different way. So just read and read. Do solve and read the workbook, no question will be out of it.
• Hindi: Only two things for this. The exam is too easy. Just read before exams. Don't pay much attention to Vyakaran. I even didn't touch the book and scored 95+, because books teach Alphabets and question just asks 'A'.
Question.3 ) Do handwriting play an important role?
Answer.3) A BIG 'YES'. Improve your handwriting.
Question.4) Is the time enough as per the exams?
Answers.4) I left some answers or could have written better in the subjects: English Grammar and Mathematics, but I guess time's less so speed up in these subjects. In other subjects, I looked at the fans, walls, friend's faces, trees, etc. as the time was enough.
Question.5) What will I get after scoring good or If I don't what I won't?
Answer.5) Listen, you won't get anything. You can't change your D.O.B after 10th exams. If you score good, will get admission to a good school, teachers will appreciate, parents will feel happy, but relatives will be jealous. See, if you not then teachers won't pay much attention to you. You won't score well in 11th and 12th as well. You will gradually lose hope.
Question.6) What's a good score?
Answer.6) If you score 80% or plus ( including science ) you scored very well.
Question.7) Which pen to use?
Answers.7) Use proper black & blue pen. Underlines, blue & black combinations should be properly maintained. Avoid cuttings, it shows you aren't sure of your writing, I am often scolded by my father for this.
Question.8) Does writing more and more matters?
Answers.8) No.
Question.9) What will happen If I caught cheating?
Answer.9) Nothing will happen if the case is small, you will just get a punishment of standing for 10 minutes without writing.
Some random bits of advice:-
• Carry an extra pen, pencils, etc.
• Carry a water bottle in the examination hall.
• Never ever discuss answers after the exams, nor check them.
• Listen to the instructions given carefully.
• In the 15 minutes: For English Grammar, one should prepare points for essay then start reading the passage. In others, if there's choice, one should select which questions to opt.
• Always attempt more and more questions but those first for which you do better.
• Always eat chewing gums during your exams, though I got scolded by the supervisor for this.
• Never ever help anyone with the answers.
• Respect the examiners.
• Supervisor/Examiners are also human, they too have children, so if there's any doubt ask them. One can ask the meanings too, so I did.
• Just move on to the next exam.
• Just learn what's in the syllabus.
• Don't go for what's important or what's not.
• Eat well, sleep well.
• Be physically fit.
• Pray to God.
• Don't wear a calculator watch or a smartwatch.
• The books mentioned by me, if done properly I bet if you score below 98%.
• Try to help your friends with their doubts.
• First finish your all books, then solve on respaper.
• After clearing boards leave this place as soon as possible 'PLEASE'. You will understand later why I wrote that 'please' like that.
• Lots of love and success to you.
• Nobody other than you can change your life.
All are my personal pieces of advice and thinking, others will have different.
If you wanna question or chat with me:- 
Further, if you're a Defense aspirant do contact me, will have a chat. It will do good. Remember me in your prayers.
Farewell. Bye bye, Res. Thank you.
asked by Your Mom's Ex. (broken_heart) 29 days ago
Hey everyone. If you guys are missing the old chat tab of this website, feel free to join this discord server we made for icse-chat.
asked by Hype Beast (hypebeast) 30 days ago
Where is everyone?
 Once upon a time, I used to come here and feel lively, never thought that one day I would come here and feel the opposite : dead.
Anyway, hope you're doing well. Don't forget to smile because the world needs it. I know I do. :)
I just hope res gets up and running soon...
asked by Yashaswini Joshi (yashaswini72) 32 days ago
What does the fox say?
asked by Giligiliboo (mrsmart) 34 days ago

+ 2 more questions by mrsmart  

I need ICSE  x french solved papers
asked by Singaravel S (singaravel17) 36 days ago
Which book is better for geography, Total geography or the one by Veena Bhargava?
asked by Eagle19 (firstboard) 36 days ago
Anyone care to explain parallax method?
asked by Tanmay Rai (tanmay_rai) 38 days ago
I m not able to open icse chat...not even able to txt anyone....wht shld i do😯😢
asked by Someone special😇 (rshah21) 42 days ago
i want some important essays and letter writings for tamil
asked by Chithra Anand (navaneth) 42 days ago
The students have started coming here once again
asked by Vinay Thakur (respaper119) 48 days ago
I want some study tips for English , Hindi and Physics
asked by Nimish Deshpande (ni2403) 48 days ago
I need a solved answer of icse for 2019
asked by Kerstinchettri Kayal (kerstinchettri789) 49 days ago
which chapters in ICSE 10th grade can be left as optional?
asked by Vidya Gokulkrishnan (koolkat) 57 days ago
Hi , I wanted to know which essay writing book to refer for french  and do we get solved past papers for french as well?
asked by gee21 61 days ago
Hey bros what's up its been 5 months since I opened class X ICSE Q&A how is all of your studies going on once I came in this such a useful media and it helped me a lot for the preparation of my 2018 ICSE . I first used to dislike the comments where the elder brothers used to say ICSE is easy and grew a grudge against them that as they have passed they say ICSE Board Exam is hardly hard. But I will not say that its surely hard for you to prepare but I can say just one thing that be continuous with whatever you do and you will pass just like that...………….
asked by Rishi dey chowdhury (rishidc) 64 days ago
can i have 2017 question paper
asked by Narain Nithin2016 (NITHIN) (nithin21) 76 days ago
Happy Friendship Day, people!

This is the once place I least expected to make friends, but lo! Life is funny, and it gifted me so many precious buddies.

BTW, a quick note to the new people: Don't worry if you can't see many people here at the moment; this is the "Res off season" (uggh that was very lame ;p), and....

.....Winter is coming.

I mean, exams. And with that will arrive a flood of people, who you will proudly call your "mates" after this wonderful journey ends. So, keep up: You are in for a ride.

asked by Saksham Rastogi (sam307) 79 days ago
ISC specimen paper 2019 class 11 :
Solutions for transformation of sentences
asked by Devansh Ahi (ahidevansh) 86 days ago
which books to prefer for 2019 icse board examination except from prescribed book of icse?
asked by Aarohi Kaur (aarohikaur1584) 104 days ago
can u please provide me mass comm 2004-2011 answer key...plzzz help me
asked by Archna Sharma (archana78) 119 days ago
is there any one using "the tempest" in isc here???
asked by Jancy Jomon (jancypalliakara) 122 days ago
asked by Aadhil Moopan (aadhil) 124 days ago
Print the following code:-

1 5 4 3 2
1 2 4 3 2
1 2 3 3 2
1 2 3 4 2
1 2 3 4 5
asked by Anurag Adhikari (anuragadhikari) 126 days ago
What are some good books for ICSE 2019??
asked by Deblina Bora (booksboozer) 132 days ago
what are nitrenes and how nirenes generated by thermal decomposition of acyl azide
asked by Pankaj Kumar (pankaj9989) 133 days ago
What is the bengali grammar syllabus of 2019 ?
asked by Arijit Ghosh (arijitpaglu) 135 days ago
Chetan se achetan adhik saktishali hi.kathan ka asay spasht kijiye
asked by Kumar Arya (krarya) 135 days ago
Hello, can anyone help mw with logarithm, 
The question is st: log6 7 = log2 7/ 1+ log2 3
asked by The Matrix City (advaith_17) 135 days ago
what is the weight of the body of mass 12kg?what is the force acting on it?(g=10ms-2)
asked by Abhinaya Mamidi (9959755272) 141 days ago
People go for poets like Robert Frost and all.I accept they are great but this poem is love & remember this is not written by me:-
We both left home at 18:
You cleared JEE,
I got recommended.
You got IIT,
I got NDA.
You pursued your degree,
I had the toughest training.
Your day started at 7 and ended at 5,
Mine started at 4 till 9 and some nights also included.
You had your convocation ceremony,
I had my POP.
Best company took you and
Best package was awarded,
I was ordered to join my paltan
With 2 stars piped on my shoulders.
You got a job,
I got a way of life.
Every eve you got to see your family,
I just wished I got to see my parents soon.
You celebrated festivals with lights and music,
I celebrated with my comrade in bunkers.
We both married,
Your wife got to see you everyday,
My wife just wished I was alive.
You were sent to business trips,
I was sent on line of control.
We both returned,
Both wives couldn't control their tears,but
You wiped her but,
I couldn't.
You hugged her but,
I couldn't.
Because I was lying in the coffin,
With medals on my chest and,
Coffin wrapped with tricolour.
My way of life ended,
Your continued.
asked by You Must Enter A Name. (godblessme20) 145 days ago
icse board exam : tamil question bank (must know) by balamirasree not opening.
kindly make it readable.
asked by Vijaya Priya Nagarajan (priyasheshadri77) 145 days ago
Long time..Since i asked a question here..IDK what to do next with life 10th seemed liked the end but as always Life has been a disappointment and yeah yet it strikes again..
Your Thoughts??
asked by Kris Shibu (zeusinmars) 146 days ago
isc 2018 english 1 paper passage answers
asked by V Lakshminarayanan (venkitachalam) 146 days ago
Question 13 icse paper maths answer?
asked by Krishna Chaddha (krishna124) 150 days ago
When people ask for my marks:
... My marks are my marks, none of your marks
asked by Darth Vader (aj87) 152 days ago
Class ChaArray contains an array of n characters (n<=100). You may assume that the array contains only the letters of the English alphabet. Some of the members functions/methods of ChaArray are given below.

Class name:	ChaArray.
Data members/instance variables:
Char ch[]	an array of characters
int  size	the size of array of characters.
Members functions/methods:
ChaArray()	constructor to assign to initialize instance variables to null.
ChaArray(char c[])	constructor to assign characters array c to the instance variable.
void displayArray()	to display the list of n characters.
void move()	to move all the upper case letter to the right side of the array and the lower case letters to the left side of array without using any standard sorting technique
e.g. input : t D f s X v d

     output: t d f s v X D


Specify the class ChaArray giving the details of the two constructors and the functions void displayArray() and void move() only. You need to write the main function.
asked by Anugrahkapoor24 (anugrahkapoor24) 154 days ago
X class board examination paper 2018
asked by Vipin Saini (vipinsaini) 157 days ago
Good bye everybody! I'm  Leaving res.
 ( probably I'll come back if there's an active community for IIT-JEE). Gonna start the new chapter of my academic life tmrw!
asked by Amu Arcade (arcade_7) 159 days ago
My scores..91,92,93,94,95(best 5)result me bhi A. P chala raha hai..lagta hai much zayada hi padh Lita AP G.P
asked by Devansh Tripathi (drdevansh) 159 days ago

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