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Appeal to All ICSE Students - Please upload the prelims papers of your school. Res is your space and we encourage you to use it to your maximum benefit. By sharing and solving many papers, you can surely crack the ICSE boards!! If you have already uploaded, a million thanks. If not, click here to start uploading your paper. It is sooo easy. And don't forget to drop the ResMarkers after each question!!

Can we write 3 questions from the same section in Eng Lit. I am in a great confusion as some ppl say we can but some say we cant, I would like to have a clear explanation plz..
asked by Sanjay (sanjay673) 3 hours ago
Today we have to do a little task to make respaper free from a ilitrate. I request you all to mail and complain about @idontknow56 to the res and request them to ban his account.

I think even if we can get 15-20 mails he can be taken out.
So we will not let him off!!!!!!!!!
asked by Nisarg Bhavsar (nisarg71) 8 hours ago
Hey ppl. Please read the appeal above
even I have the same appeal
imclusing the bombay scottish studemte
welcome Res creaters fir the.15 million thanks xD
asked by Dr. Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 10 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by rikhil32  

help please..  what is the answer to this, to arrange in logical sequence
Cortex, Root hair, Endodermis, Xylem, Soil water
asked by Tester (tester) 20 hours ago
Is there any change in the Hindi question paper(second language) pattern in Section B..... for ICSE BOARD 2019??
asked by Faraz Khan (farazstud) 20 hours ago
frndz, what is the quickest way of doing this question:

The line through A (-2,3) and B (4,b) is perpendicular to the line 2x - 4y = 5. Find the value of b.

this is from the SDA Sanpada Navi Mumbai prelims.  very good paper.
asked by fs123 22 hours ago

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This rikhil32 guy...he's such an idot and arrogant person. He sould be kicked outta res.
He's a donkey who thinks he's smart by writing big answers. Who does he think of himself?
asked by I don't know (idontknow56) 22 hours ago
Which chapters from Treasure Trove (poetry+short story) are important this year? What do you say?
asked by Midhat fatima (midhat61) 22 hours ago

+ 4 more questions by midhat61  

Sorry, one more question. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO MANAGE MY TIME IN E LIT PAPER? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT, AS I FEEL THE SITUATION IS GOING TO BE SAME IN BOARDS. I never can finish my paper with time to spare, and my last 2 mains always are crap. Please help. I’m desperate. Thank you.
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 1 day ago

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Which reference book is good for studying literature and hindi geography history .  Complete course or arihant or evergreen
asked by Deepali Gawade (advait3704) 1 day ago
send me  solution of  gate-ME  2009 paper
asked by Jigar Varia (jigar19gate) 4 days ago
is night_watchman trying to act funny?
asked by Aswin Krishnan (aswink2004) 5 days ago
Do our extra cirricular activities' [elementry , intermediate and dance] marks get add up in board's result sheet ? if yes then what's the increase...
asked by Sanika malap (sanikaca) 6 days ago
how much did u get in ur boards
asked by Taniya Jojy (jephinjoeltaniya) 6 days ago
hey guys how many of u will be in isc ?? am in isc U guys???
asked by Sharanya mistry (sharanyamistry) 7 days ago

+ 2 more questions by sharanyamistry  

Does any one has environmental applications  notes
asked by Ramnik Satra (manan17) 7 days ago
Its the same everywhere, the one who tries to speak up is ridiculed. Congo guys, you won. Bye. Fun times.
asked by Saksham Rastogi (sam307) 8 days ago
Is quora better than respaper as a forum? 
Hey night_watchman nice answers btw
asked by Joseph Chennattu (joseph444) 9 days ago
Is anyone having icse telugu specimen paper 2019
asked by Lakshanya Rangoon (gamganeshay) 9 days ago
Warm greetings to everyone!
This is Prateek Gurjar from ICSE – 2018 and ISC – 2020 batch. I started using probably in August 2017. This will be my last update better say last
words here. I would like to advise the lads. Pardon me for my grammatical mistakes.
To all who are in classes below 10th:-
1. You are here too early, but no problem. You should not use this site too much until
you are in class 10th.
2. Make your basics strong. I mean to say you should know what is ‘noun’, ‘adjecticve’,
etc. Before you reach class 10th.
3. Use social media how much you can. Yes, I would like to share my story: I started
using Social media like Facebook from a very young age. I remember I was in class 4th
and my first facebook friend was my English teacher who was from Kerala. At that time
my classmates even don’t know what Facebook was. So, as time passes I stopped
using it whereas it is new for my classmates for which they use a lot.
4. You should pay more attention to English (both Literature and Language) and Hindi.
You should learn well up to where the stories & poems and play is taught in class 9th.
Underline difficult words and write their meanings. Construct your own Questions and
discuss their answers with your teacher. Write one essay per week and get it checked
by your teacher. Start attempting 10th boards English Grammar papers from 9th.
5. You should know to balance a chemical equation.
6. You should become a good friend of your teachers. You should participate actively in
most of the thing possible.
7. Choose your friend circle wisely.
8. Start watching T.V. very less.
9. Read, read, and read how much you can. Increase your knowledge. Don’t always
revolve around your school books.
10. Avoid using the internet as much as possible.
11. Speak in English whenever and wherever possible.
12. If you are an introvert then turn yourself into an extrovert.
To all those who are in class 10th:-
1. If you had just entered in class 10th, then start working hard from the starting believe
me or not, it will benefit you a lot. Give proper/daily time to English Language,
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Complete your Computer, and English Literature in
one month. Enjoy learning History/Civics, Geography, and Hindi on weekends (One
chapter each weekend).
2. How to study?
I will discuss it subject-wise :
• Physics- I won’t say it is easy or hard because if I will then you’ll be tired of listening to
the word, ‘easy’. Actually, the mistake done by the students is they never understand
the topics, they try but if they fail to understand, they learn the things even derivations,
etc. Which results in very poor reasoning as well as knowledge and moreover they
forget it during the exam. Remember you won’t get it in the first attempt but in 2nd, 3rd,
or 4th you’ll. Remember that the teacher has failed more than the student had even
tried. Science and Mathematics are the subjects in which no one needs to learn
anything (or very little). These are just to understand. So, try to understand each and
every topic. Don’t skip anything. Books I used was only that Selina (Concise) Physics.It’s enough. But if someone isn’t satisfied then go for Arihant ten years, Frank practice
papers, and Oswaal practice sets. As per the stats, it is the most difficult paper in
science subjects. But if your topics are cleared then you don’t need to worry. In the
exam hall, time will be enough to complete the exam. Generally, only some answers are
long, whereas most are short.
• Chemistry- In chemistry, my words will be just practice. It’s the easiest subject to boost
up your marks in a science subject. Answers are very very short but remember they’re
deep. Go for Selina (Concise) Chemistry or Viraj Dalal’s. Anyone of them will be enough
but if you are extraordinary then go for Arihant ten years, Frank practice papers, and
Oswaal practice sets. Practice much and much equations. Time will be more than
enough in the exam. You’ll be looking here and there during the last half hour because
you’ll have completed your exam.
• Biology- Pay very much attention to the spellings of various terms. It’s where people
lose marks. Write and learn. It also contains only a few long answers. Prepare diagrams
also. Mostly, questions come based on them. Use Selina (Concise) Biology or
Saraswati. Anyone of them will be enough but if you are extraordinary then go for
Arihant ten years, Frank practice papers, and Oswaal practice sets. And time will be
more than enough.
• Mathematics- Learn each and every formula, if you had then you’ll be able to solve
75% of the question paper. Practice trigonometry from various books. One question will
blow your mind and students don’t prepare for trigonometry much. Write all the
statements with signs, as you’ll be rewarded for this. Draw cleanly and with a sharp
pencil. Remember you will not be provided with rough sheets, it’s to be done on the
right side. It should be clean and no cutting. P.S. You’ll be provided log tables. Just one
word, ‘Practice’. You may lack time in the examination hall. I just completed the exam
before 1 or 2 minutes. So, speed up in this exam.
• Computer- Score 100 for sure. Just do 10 years. It will be enough. Time will be
enough. Practice Java programs and output questions. Never try to learn them. Write all
statements and variable descriptions.
• English Grammar- First learn how to do, then practice them a lot. I ran out of time on
this exam. I didn't write well because I was nervous as it was my first board exam. My
hands were shaking. I was sweating like a pig. I used Xavier Pinto's books. The matter
is you should know the rules in Grammar then comes practice. And Res has so so
many questions for Grammar. No matter which book.
• English Literature- Again one month. Read your books and workbooks. Fill your
workbook yourself and get it checked by your teacher. Once go through, Xavier Pinto’s
answers to them. Time will be more than enough. Answers will be short. One can guess
which scenes/acts will come in exam. Go for some question banks.
• History & Civics- You’ll be missing this subject after your boards. Learn History as a
story and don’t learn Civics but live Civics. Don’t skip anything, first read the chapter
once then learn things from a sequence. Trust me it’s interesting. Write as much as you
can in long answers, but don’t repeat the things. Make the one who’ll check your sheet
that you understood the subject and didn’t learn it. Time will be enough. Learn all the
powers, etc. In Civics. Book I used was Total History & Civics. It will be enough but if
you are extraordinary then go for Arihant ten years, Frank practice papers, and Oswaal
practice sets.• Hindi- It requires just a month to prepare. Just read the play, poems & stories books
and workbooks with great interest. Coming to grammar part. It’s just basics that are
used in everyday Hindi. Just do the easy ones. Time will be more than enough. Books I
used were of Evergreen. Try to maintain good handwriting throughout the paper. The
answers are easy as well as short.
• Geography- It’s one the easiest subject. In this one have the choice to leave some
chapters. Just do +1 chapters as per the marks. Do topography well. Practice them a
lot. 10 years will help you a lot in this because generally questions are repeated. They
are very very short answers. Just practice maps and topography well. Draw each map
yourself separately. Try to build questions in topography yourself. Do Saraswati
Geography, moreover one has the choice to do Arihant ten years, Frank papers,
Oswaal papers, and Total Geography. One will have more than enough time in the
examination hall. To be continued in this Question's (as per Res) response.....
asked by Someday success will find me :) (godblessme20) 11 days ago
Anyone from the 2017 ICSE batch who has returned to check out ISC papers ???
asked by Rajarshi Ganguly (raj_2301) 12 days ago
Can we attempt 3 1 1 in English literature ? 
Most of the shcool in Mumbai declared that you can attempt only 2 2 1 but on official ICSE specimen 2019 , it still says 3 1 1 is allowed . 

Any thoughts
asked by Aditya Dungrani (chickezz5) 12 days ago
Happy 2k19 everyone!! Though I am now less frequent in opening this page, I came here, today to wish all of you a beautiful year!! You'll rock the boards. If anyone portray the image of boards like they are very tough and all, just tell em' to shut up. I was laughing while reading my board question papers. Even that wasn't good on my part as that made me overconfident and I somewhat messed up. So, be calm,be patient and study for the time being. God will help you on the exam day, if you help yourself now. Do a highly syllabus specific study for now, if you want a good score and give more time to English if you're not considering it at par with other subjects. It will be the darkspot on your marksheet if not well prepared now. My best wishes are with you all!! Eat healthy and study well!! Don't judge your performance by pre boards,  in boards, confidence and patience while attempting the paper, matters more than knowledge. Many students are having the same knowledge but the one with better stability and confidence will score better. So, you can try guided meditation if you want to attain calmness and patience. That's all folks!! Ba-bye!!!!
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 13 days ago
asked by Arya Ashish Adarkar (aaravaa) 13 days ago

+ 1 more questions by aaravaa  

how do we solve question 5a of bishop co-ed school undri, math prelim icse paper 2019
asked by Meghana Goru (meghana21) 13 days ago
how to answer a comprehension
asked by Srinivasulu Thottempudi (tlpranathi) 15 days ago
can you please suggest an appropriate java output book?
asked by Jui Das (juidas) 16 days ago
How was your December's prelim examination?
BTW happy new year to all
asked by Aman jha (amanjha69) 16 days ago
how do you include java package in your application ?
asked by Aastha Harne (bella18) 16 days ago
what is a popping crease in cricket
asked by Shivansh Mehra (shivanshmehra2002) 16 days ago
where do we find answers of the different schools papers
asked by Meet Jadhav (meetjadhav_) 19 days ago
define land
asked by Prakash Narayan (1245852) 19 days ago
Attention, tenthie whipper snappers. This is a futile public service announcement. exams are cumming speedily.. So, please do initiate with the revision of your study material early. Even though people say that the knowledge of 10th grade curriculum is more or less ineffective later in life, I encourage each and everyone of you to be diligent and do your best in the finals. Also, don't cheat, don't chase "important questions", and most importantly have fun. Byebye.
asked by My Name Is Khanna (mynameiskhanna) 19 days ago
is VAT removed from maths syllabus
asked by Kaustubh Sambhav (kaustubh345) 20 days ago
who the heck is handing out free dislikes?
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 22 days ago

+ 4 more questions by devanshu8  

just signed in,  try to browse the Question paper, but i could see only first page and all others pages are empty??? it keep on asking me to login..why ?

please help
asked by Gagansadhrush BM (gagan3841) 24 days ago
Can u tell me how to delete history from frend watched bad things and he wants help to be not cought by his mummy and daddy...ples tell me and i can help my dear frend
asked by Mr Goodenough (night_watchman) 28 days ago
can you say me  the format of informal letter in tamil for icse board
asked by Snega Sri (apmelon) 28 days ago
how do i become a member of respaper inorder to print
asked by Alison Lobo (resicse2016) 29 days ago
Can someone upload Important Chapterwise questions for all three Sciences for 2019 Icse exam
asked by Jattin. katey (toxickiller) 33 days ago

+ 1 more questions by toxickiller  

which tense should be written in mov answers?
asked by Aritra Sinha Roy (schakraborty_asv) 34 days ago
what is error of principle?
asked by Aiswarya Shasan (aiswarya12) 34 days ago
can i get paper solution of chemistry specimen paper 2011 icse
asked by Cooldude (visitor2015) 34 days ago
Wow, its so great to see people asking questions here again...res is just like a pendulum, isnt it? follows the same trajectory over and over again....
The 2019 batch will continue from where the 2018 batch left and experience the same cycle of emotions...
just wow!
asked by Yashaswini Joshi (yashaswini72) 34 days ago
guys, I want to know how the icse board percentage is being calculated, I mean top 5 subjects or 6 subjects average, I want my 2nd language Telugu to be removed while calculating the average, because I can never get through the though paper being set.
asked by Aditya Vardhan (nether_maeyniyak) 36 days ago
How does acceleration change when direction change? Pls answer ASAP. Exam in 5 hours.
asked by Padma Krishnan (successisurs) 36 days ago
Hey Das Aadmi when are you going to upload the school paper
asked by Kavitha Bhandari (pbonmars) 36 days ago
why are there no questions of waste management in this paper??
asked by Amita Naveen (amita2) 36 days ago
Hey Which sample paper/question bank/reference book should i prefer for ICSE 10th examination.
asked by Monisha Agrawala (monisha824) 43 days ago
How to change password in respaper
asked by Sunil Kumar (sunil76) 47 days ago

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