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Mr Hairy Hairathoon
asked by Leander Vikram (eldiablo0829) 32 mins ago

+ 2 more questions by eldiablo0829  

Hey, I request go through the following when u take a break cuz this has nothin related to studies.
I believe most people won't turn up on res tmrw after giving the last exam ( it's the last one for many ppl  incl. me). So be4 u ppl go off res for self study today or for enjoying the much awaited break after exams, I wanna share some feelings that have sprung as words from my heart.

  I would like to express my gratitude to all those 'resians' who have helped me thru this voyage of class 10. My 'silliest' of the doubts were cleared here. I was also helped with some valuable tips especially by @sakshamrastogi bhaiya. Some others showed me the doors to smart work (@mdarfath thx for that chem mole concept thing. I remember many others but this would make the post too long!sry for that). Many others shared the links to online videos which were of gr8 help. How can I forget those ppl who have motivated me to ans the papers and be one in the top ans and comments slot? It was kinda like competing with mutual benefits! 
Thx a ton 'resians'!  for creating an atmosphere conducive for motivation and smart studying.

Just like the tune of song stays in my mind mind after the song stops playing memories are gonna stay with me. Its probably the time to tell a Good Bye! and be left with some nostalgic memories. Good luck for all ! Hope we all soar through the sky called 'life' ! 

Hoping to find some of u here to share results in May (probably).

- Arcade,
an insignificant drop in the sea of res.
asked by Amu Arcade (arcade_7) 46 mins ago
Outermost foetal membrane?? Plz answer my other bio questions also, if possible.
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 1 hour ago

+ 5 more questions by aayushjoshi  

How do we know when to write which Law of Mendel in a Genetics question??? I know that the Law of Independent Assortment is to be written in Dihybrid cross, but what about the other two?
asked by Arya Shahir (maihuarya) 1 hour ago

+ 2 more questions by maihuarya  

Red colour of RBC is due to?
asked by Gangadharanpillai Gangadharanpillaik (jgpvgp) 1 hour ago

+ 2 more questions by jgpvgp  

Photolysis please explain.
asked by Kaira Malhotra (kaira20) 1 hour ago

+ 1 more questions by kaira20 This guy had uploaded quite good biology notes. They might be helpful for tomorrow's exam :)
asked by Ragini Jain (adityajain1234) 2 hours ago
Does the corpus luteum produce both progesterone and oestrogen or only progesterone??
asked by Jeff mckinley (chende) 2 hours ago

+ 2 more questions by chende  

Can anyone please give me the correct function of seminal vesicle and the prostate gland........
asked by Anwesha Das (anweshadas71) 2 hours ago
Definition of translocation?
asked by Nehal G (nehalg) 2 hours ago
how to know when to write PORTAL VEIN or HEPATIC PORTAL VEIN ?
asked by Aayush Patel (aayush25) 3 hours ago
how many chapters is each of you left with?
asked by Ashutosh Dash (ashutosh_dash) 3 hours ago

+ 2 more questions by ashutosh_dash  

DoubtπŸ‘‡ pls.... Clear it
asked by Mokshil Shah (phoenix80) 8 hours ago

+ 4 more questions by phoenix80  

When to write plasmolyzed and when to write flaccid
asked by Fk (scoregoodmarks) 8 hours ago
Whats the difference between functions of TSH and TSHRF?
asked by Parth Desai (pd2207) 9 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by pd2207  

You guys doing stages of meiosis? It's not in syllabus.
asked by Abhinav Sharma (monstercat) 9 hours ago

+ 3 more questions by monstercat  

Sab ka kitna baaki hai?
asked by Momo (zenab13) 10 hours ago

+ 3 more questions by zenab13  

hey everyone my boards are already over wish u all best of luck for biology it was fun spending time with ull very co operative respecting nd active batch ty resmates
asked by Aryan Kapoor (aryan9917) 10 hours ago
A mendelian experiment consisted of breeding pea plants bearing violet  flowers to pea plant bearing white flowers. What will be the result of the f1 progeny? (CBSE  2018)
asked by Vedhas Balaji (godking) 10 hours ago
Location of oval window??
asked by Fire Bird (firebird) 10 hours ago
Are EVS takers on gonna be active on RES after 26th??(Even i have taken Evs)
asked by Onkar Borade (onkarborade) 11 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by onkarborade  

Resmitron, Aap logo se badi hi vinamrta se ek sawaal krna chahta hoon..............CBSE or ICSE??
asked by Aqib Suhail (aqibsuhail) 11 hours ago
When plasmolysis takes place which fluid is b/w cytoplasm and cell wall ?
asked by Ansh Singh (anshkush) 12 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by anshkush  

What is the function of oestrogen?? Is it given in concise biology?
asked by The Matrix City (advaith_17) 12 hours ago
What is the difference between Neurolemma and Neurilemma?
asked by Siddhant Joshi (siddhant94) 12 hours ago
Guys In Concise/Selina
Function of prostate is give---->its alkaline secretion and bla bla while seminal vesicle is given --->medium for transportation and sperms become active
But in other book(Anita prasad) the funtcions of the two glands are exactly interchanged prostate ----> and seminal---> alalkine thing
besides i also gave an external mock test from a coaching centre where they are accepting the anita prasad thing and not the selina thing...
Kyu karu Gaonwali? :(
asked by CaitlinSnow (isuknewton) 12 hours ago
Hormone producing cells of pancreas.
Islets of Langerhans or alpha, beta, delta to be written?
asked by Hatake Kakashi (jatintara) 12 hours ago

+ 2 more questions by jatintara  

The nuclear membrane disappears in early prophase or late prophase??
asked by Vishesh Verma (vishesh_verma) 13 hours ago
Guys which is the shortest phase of cell cycle??
asked by Tiara Elizabeth (thejtthomas) 13 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by thejtthomas  

1. why one egg matures in each ovary in alternate months,not consective?
2. what is vasa recta?
asked by Pranayak Uniyal (pranayak) 13 hours ago
Is filter paper semi or freely permeable
asked by Aameya Kulkarni (aameyak) 13 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by aameyak  

Pick the odd one out:

Parchment paper, Filter paper, Cellophane paper, Visking bag
asked by MadMiner (madminer) 13 hours ago
1 how to indentify that   the given phase is  telophase and cytokinesis (they both look same in my tb )
2 diffeence between chromatide and chromosome , crossing ovER AND CROSS JOINING
asked by Rtstud (mdarfath) 14 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by mdarfath  

Guys I'm getting really confused. Is dorsal the upper or lower side (side exposed to direct sunlight or not).
asked by Vishnu Krishnan (something200) 14 hours ago
hey the optional subjec,t the best answers will be checked or the first attempted????
asked by Mathomania (sankua) 16 hours ago
What is the difference b/w translocation and transportation ?
asked by Kousalya Senthilkumar (laks2002) 16 hours ago
is blinking simple reflex or vo;untary
asked by Ayush Shrivastav (killershock) 17 hours ago
2 differences between the blood flowing through renal artery and renal vein?
Also tell me if you know which book is recommended by the council for Bio.
asked by Gargie D'souza (gar_d02) 17 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by gar_d02  

Who's daydreaming about after boards?!
asked by Darth Vader (aj87) 17 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by aj87  

Can anyone give the most challenging/hard bio paper available on res (can be any sort Pelim etc....) just link it in the responses
asked by Kris Shibu (zeusinmars) 19 hours ago
please briefly explain mechanism of Stomatal transpiration...
asked by Uttam Soren (uttamsoren1735) 20 hours ago
what are inguinal canals
asked by Richa Karki (trishakarki) 21 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by trishakarki  

Odd one out?
sweat, bile, tears and saliva
and mention the category also
asked by Aarushi12 (aarushi90) 22 hours ago
Anyone give the path of water thru roots and out of leaf via transpiration (in logical sequence)
asked by Rohan Gupta (rohang37) 23 hours ago
If the question is what does the Ganong's Potometer measure, what should be the answer - 

[1] Measures the rate of transpiration of the shoot.


[2] It measures the rate of absorption of water by the roots which is roughly equal to the amount of water transpired by the plant.


[3] Any other answer.
asked by RaBh (rahulbhardwaj2002) 1 day ago
Plz say the answers of:
i.explain why in meiosis chromosome no. is halved
ii. difference between traits and alleles
iii. explain how long osmosis can continue
iv. Instead of plasmolysed can we write flaccid?
v.explain both the theory of opening and closing of stomata

Plz answer ......πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Thanks in advance πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
asked by Pratham Shah (pratham2313) 1 day ago

+ 1 more questions by pratham2313  

Two processes to remove CO2 from the atmosphere?
asked by Mohammad Azhaan (mazhaan) 1 day ago

+ 2 more questions by mazhaan  

Which is the largest growth phase:
G1 or prophase?
asked by Avani Gupta (avani55) 1 day ago
Last exam guys finish off strong and relax for like 2 months without any stress
asked by Pavan K Srinivasan (throwaway) 1 day ago
Odd one out... hypermetropia,myopia, xerophthalmia, astigmatism ....wat is d category
It can't be eye defects since xerophthalmia is also an eye defect
asked by Ashvita p (hermiioone_granger) 1 day ago

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