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hey guys i have some questions from DAFFODILS. pls just write the keywords....
1) what is the point of comparison between wanderer and the cloud(2)
2) two objects have been compared in a simile. bring out two points of comparison(3)
3)what was the poet thinking? why couldnt he make up his mind?(2)
4) Why is the poet in a contemplative mood in the last stanza?(2)
------alloted marks are given in brackets ----thank you
asked by Sankhya Gowda (taankkkkk) 2 hours ago

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can someone please mail the physics cnm most asked questions for physics to me ? 
asked by Vaishnabi Paty (vaishnabi) 4 hours ago
Mention 3 ways in which life on planet Venus differs from life on Earth?             -All Summer In A Day.
asked by Srimathi S (ssm2020) 4 hours ago

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Hello everyone!
I just found this link on youtube... This might help people knowing hindi and having tough time with English-2.... It's about the horse and two goats... Also, if anyone wants to chill for a while, you can watch this.
asked by Hello There (aditya_bandaru) 4 hours ago

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Hey people!

So, this time around, I have my class 12th Boards and entrance exams, which means I won't be able to help you people in the same way I tried to help the last batch. But I think you people are in safe hands, what with many of the 2018 batch people staying back to guide you through this beautiful journey. 

Beautiful journey....Hmm, it might not seem much like it right now, and I half expect some of you to go berserk at the mention of the word "beautiful" in association with boards. But just you wait. You'll see soon, that I wasn't snorting crack while typing this out.

So, this Friday, you will sit for your first Board Examination. Your first public examination, on such a massive scale. Your chance to prove who you are. Your way to glory. Eternal, unquestionable fame. Immortality.


I said this before, I'm saying this now. Yes, the boards are important, but they are seriously not what they are hyped-up to be. Yes, it is the first public exam you are possibly taking,., but it isn't the last. Yes, there is a chance to prove yourself now, but even if you don't, no one's stopping you to do that later. 

This does not mean you take them lightly, though. Chances are, you have already studied the portion in syllabus. Chances are (extremely high) you have been bored sick of doing the same syllabus again and again and again and again. And again.
Chances are, you need humongous motivation to continue dragging through this oh-so-boring curriculum once more. I felt the same. But you know what helped me? I used to think, that this is the last time ever that I'll have to read MoV. The last time ever I'll have to practise those irritating maps that never seem to be correct. The last time I'll have to learn why some random crop loves some random temperature and wants to get intimate with some random soil. The last time I'll be calculating how many fking watermelons that stupid Ramu must give to the even-more-stupid Shyamu so that they have equal fking watermelons.

Get it? I vented out my frustration on the books. Read them once more, just the last time, just the very last...I used to see the irritating kids play outdoors, making unusually more noise just to test my patience. But I used to think: boys, you just wait. Some day, you'll come to 10th, then I'll be there in front of your house, shouting my throat hoarse singing all the bloody nursery rhymes you loved. I don't know about you, but thinking things like these gave me immense satisfaction. Call me sadistic; anything to go through those books once more.

Of course, I chose to pursue Biology, and the kids in tenth never got to hear me singing nursery rhymes, but that is another matter.

Anyways, so if you think this is worthless toil, and you already know everything there is to know, sit back. 

And give yourself one tight slap. On the cheek. Of your face. (you never know with these kids xD)

Because if you stop NOW, at this juncture, when you have to give the final push, all might be lost. I've seen this happen, and I've seen the reverse happen too. People who didn't study throughout the year, working like donkeys and acing the boards. Now, now, you don't want to be a donkey who worked hard throughout the year and still fell behind. That would be shameful, right?

Okay, now to talk about "Pressure". The big daddy who spoils the exams for even the best-prepared nerds. How do you handle it? Just think about it. What causes the pressure? Is it lack of preparedness? Never mind, you have time right now, just study well, and it should go! Is it family pressure to excel? Then don't take it as pressure. Take it as a challenge, to bring good marks and show what you can do. Some might still take pressure because of the "challenge". My tip is, become a sponge. Absorb it. Take it in, and store it in some part of your body which doesn't lead to you brain(I'll leave that to your imagination, thank you very much). And then forget about it.

Come to think of it, why should there be pressure? Haven't you already given soooo many prelims? What do they ask there? You have to sit on a chair. You have a pen and other stationary, they give you the writing sheet and the question paper, you are given the time limit to solve the paper. And you do it. What happens in boards? The same old shit. You sit on a chair, with pens and stationary, you are given the papers, and you write! The course is same but you are better than when you gave your prelims! The only difference may be the invigilator, maybe the center is different so you may not have your friends with you. That shouldn't matter, unless you are a serial cheater who depends on his/her friends to even pass. Now that would be a valid reason for pressure xD.

I think I said this many a times the last year too: Don't fret about the question paper. It'll be damn easy. I'm not joking, but my first thoughts on seeing the Science paper was, "WTF, I slogged so much, and they want me to answer THIS?" Now, the paper must've felt angry and I was mercilessly trolled for being overconfident. What happened was, that there was a question in Section B, and it asked the equation of photosynthesis, in a part. I remember being a bit in a hurry, so I saw the question, thought, "Ye to mujhe aata hai", and very coolly moved on to the next part. (Thug life alert). Without answering the question. Luckily I had attempted all the extras too, so I escaped. I still laugh about it today. My aim is to tell you, 1) I am a pretty stupid guy, and 2) The paper will be too easy, just keep your head on your shoulders (unlike me ;P)

All rightey. Now, I think I must tell you an open secret. English is the devil. You prepare as hard as you can for it, because it is the one blot on everyone's result sheet. It is the difference between coming 3rd in Delhi-NCR and coming 1st there. Sadly, I learnt it the hard way. If you don't believe me, look through the results page and see for yourself.

I've been rambling on for long now, so if you have been able to read till here, congratulations on surviving my banter.

Let me give you one last pro-tip: There will be many nerds running amok, asking weird questions just to scare you before the exam. Give them the silent treatment. Ignore their bullshit. I can guarantee, nothing in the paper will be outside the syllabus. 

Okay, it must be getting difficult to read any more of this, so I'll just get to the end. If any of you have any more issues, feel free to inbox me, or comment down here. 

So, all the best people! May you ace the boards, and yes,

P.S.: I didn't have it in my time, but if those pests(kids) disturb you, just give them the death stare, and say, "Apna. Time. Aayega."
That ought to settle it.

asked by Saksham Rastogi (sam307) 12 hours ago
The referee has arrived . They should get ready for the match. Join
asked by Aditya Dungrani (chickezz5) 16 hours ago
Anyone opting cricket and volleyball??
asked by Vindhya Badal (_itsme_) 16 hours ago

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I'm getting really nervous about boards...HELP
asked by Kavya Nair (kavyanair0511) 17 hours ago
I am sure she will fail in her exams
begin it is doubtful....
asked by Bishwa Saha (bishwa17) 17 hours ago

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My respaper subscription ends today so I wanted to know if I will be able to access the papers which I have already downloaded for the next few weeks.
asked by Rachna G (rachna2004) 19 hours ago
Do we have लिफ़ाफ़ा in Hindi informal letter?
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 22 hours ago

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Which colour will a red rose appear if seen with yellow glasses? Please explain also!!
asked by Kbdc (kbdc) 23 hours ago
He will never forget the experience.
End: ....experience?
asked by Joseph Chennattu (joseph444) 1 day ago

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Is respaper has become paid website ? not able to download or view papers ?
asked by Sumeet Sethi (sarasidle123) 1 day ago
Is there proving of theorems in the lesson of circles and tangents and chords included in the Syllabus of this upcoming board exams??
asked by Adityaa Raaju (adityaaraaju) 1 day ago
(i)Why do we need a step up transformer for long distance transmission?
(ii)why is the e.m.f at consuming centres dropped to 220v by transformers??
(iii)Why can't the efficiency of transformers be 100%?
asked by Deeksha G (deeksha9) 1 day ago
Does anyone have Gujarati Prelim Papers? If you have can you plz link them down below..👇
asked by Nisarg Bhavsar (nisarg71) 1 day ago

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Yooo , everyone!! How're you all doing?? Don't reply like everyone, give a genuine reply to this question. xD So, boards are coming nearer and nearer as the days are passing and this might be a source of tension to some and may be some are really confident.
Let me make some things clear today. If you don't know me, then I'm (read my name below this post. xD), a 2k18 ICSEian. I've been through this time and I really don't want the 2k19 batch to commit the same blunders as I did in my time. Here, I'm trying to share some points for doing well in the boards..

1) You will surely be really nervous some days before your first exam, thinking about how you'll do, how'll be the environment in the exam hall and so on...but friends, it won't last for long, if you don't have any tension related to your preparations, you'll get adjusted to the environment in the examination hall in one or two days.

2) If you aren't confident of your preparations, then, study hard now and most important---> DON'T BE CARELESS THE DAY BEFORE YOUR EXAM, DO REVISE IN THE BEST MANNER POSSIBLE. STUDYING THE DAY BEFORE THE EXAM CAN WORK WONDERS. I didn't revise properly before my maths exam and couldn't do that well enough. 

If you're well equipped with the concepts, and have got the exam temperament required(which, surely is attained by practicing and giving more and more tests in an exam like environment), luck will favour you. There are many who are studying but the extraordinary will emerge as the winner. Don't get hyper excited on finding the paper easy, maintain your calmness and composure. These all have been experienced by me, so I'm sharing my experience.

4) I had watched the full movie of Merchant Of Venice, for my exam, the same morning!! Didn't sleep that night! You can also watch the movie but do take proper rest unlike me. A movie is better retained by mind than the text, I think.

5) My most focussed point:

I believe those ICSE days were the golden days of my life, I received a next level positivity during this time, last year. MISS U DAYS!!

If anyone of you want some tips regarding preparation, whatsapp me at:
9568004561, if you think I'm worthy enough. I'll try my best to respond.

Thanks and wish all of u a HAPPY PREPARATION!! Ba-bye!!
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 1 day ago
Do anyone know how to access Respapers . its asking for payment through paypal and i don't have paypal account
asked by The Lunatic Hacker (qwsbkjasacd) 1 day ago

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can anyone help me with gokuldham high 2018 prelim paper maths... trignometry sum from section A
asked by Shamika Nayak (shamnayak) 2 days ago
Prove that : cos^2+tan^2-1÷ sin^2= tan^2
asked by Anvaya Juvekar (anvaya) 2 days ago

+ 4 more questions by anvaya  

Are there any kannada prelims paper on res?
asked by Dee daa (studyingforlife) 2 days ago

+ 4 more questions by studyingforlife  

How to correct the following sentence: lagbhag das varsh pehle ki baat hai.
asked by Pragya Madan (icse749) 2 days ago
Can anyone please give the proper format of a notice. The one mentioned in CISCE's site and in Total English are slightly different, so I'm a bit confused
asked by Soumya Mishra (soumya_05) 2 days ago
Bassanio took 3 months to reach belmont (40 miles -maybe) and only one day to return.
After reached belmont and marrying (same day) Portia he comes to know that Antono's bond is forfeit.   1 Day in Belmont = 90 Days in Venice ????????
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 3 days ago
Define the SI unit of work in terms of the fundamental units of mass, length and time?
It's take from a doubt is that work is independent of time, then how's this ques. valid?
asked by Dr. Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 3 days ago
Is there any neet aspirant out give me sm tips to crack it..i jst dnt gt where to start frm..there is soooo much to study😥😥..plz do help me😧
asked by Someone special😇 (rshah21) 3 days ago
what are your thoughts on the pakistan attack?
asked by Suraj Iyer (suraj94) 3 days ago
is respaper now paid because i cant access any papers.boards are a week away
asked by Aswin Krishnan (aswink2004) 3 days ago
is 0 a perfect square, perfect cube etc.?
asked by Agrajah Bhobe (iron_man97) 3 days ago

+ 1 more questions by iron_man97  

Can someone tell me about home rule legue? Where is it in hte book?
asked by Tara Gupta (tara21) 3 days ago

+ 2 more questions by tara21  

Hi?? Guys..  Is all of u taking science?
asked by Sharanya mistry (sharanyamistry) 4 days ago
how to score well in essays
asked by Vanitha Paramesh (lola45) 4 days ago
how did the rise of assertive nationalism foster communal feelings among the indians?
asked by Hamsa Gayathri (tankk) 4 days ago

+ 3 more questions by tankk  

Biological reason for the following:
1.Roots are said to be negatively phototropic.
2.Lysosomes are termed suicidal bags of a cell.
asked by Hema Bonaboyina (hemab) 4 days ago

+ 2 more questions by hemab  

why am i not able to download and print icse specimen papers?
asked by Havovi Dastoor (shanayakhurshed) 5 days ago
Does call by reference change the state of the method?
asked by Lilly S (forme) 6 days ago
isn't there an ISC Q&A
asked by Anik Das (rockstardas) 6 days ago
Can I have ICSE Hindi letter format, please?
asked by Atharv Tandale (ast_tbs) 6 days ago
plz subscribe to tseries
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 6 days ago
give me the exact format for the notice in english language??????
asked by Milan Murli Patel (milanmurli) 6 days ago
Respaper is not letting me view more than the first page of prelim papers
asked by Calvin Hobbes (calvinhobbes) 6 days ago

+ 1 more questions by calvinhobbes  

How to score above at least 95% in English Literature? The problem faced by me is that it seems all the questions of a context seem to ask the same thing again and I generally miss out on one or two keywords all the time. How to overcome this? Any suggestions?
asked by Bhismadeb Mukherjee (mebhisma) 7 days ago
Is it okay to sign off from letters in english 1 using our real names?
asked by Arya Ajith (arya1019) 7 days ago

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