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who am i?
all answers wecome
asked by Sunil Samuel (kevinsunil) 15 hours ago

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asked by Pranayak (pranayak) 15 hours ago

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anyone remembers sdfg
asked by Prathamesh Mainkar (psm09) 18 hours ago

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asked by Rick Biswas (rick1234) 2 days ago
what is location of lenticles
asked by Gaurav Chotia (gauravchotia07) 3 days ago

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what is the answer for Quest. 11(b)
asked by Shamika Joshi (shamikajoshires) 4 days ago
asked by Susmita Dey (susmitadey475) 4 days ago
Is there a 10 Years solved Board PApers book for ICSE French , if yes can you please share the name and the publisher
asked by Dvyksha Manjalkar (dvyksha123) 5 days ago
The Time-Table is Official:
Check out my upload or the website
my link:
cisce link :
asked by Aameya Kulkarni (aameyak) 5 days ago

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how to download pdf file of question paper
asked by Niranjan Duggirala (nityaduggirala) 5 days ago
Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh
asked by Ivan Christopher (ivanchristopher2002) 5 days ago
Please tell me the answers!
Transformation :
1.He lost all his money.He preserved. (Use nevertheless )
2.You will succeed. You  must  work  hard. (Use unless)
Synthesis :
1.The referee has arrived. They  should  get  ready  for the  match. 
2. Do your  work  diligently. Leave my service.
asked by Vansh Agarwal (kingxyzabc) 5 days ago

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Can daigram based question from chromesome come in section A?
asked by Vinay Thakur (respaper119) 6 days ago

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What are the most probable chapters in English literature ?
asked by Vijaykumar Ramalingam (abcdefg29) 6 days ago
toxoids are rendered harmless by addition of ?
formalin  or dil formalin
asked by Saachi Dodwad (saachidodwad) 7 days ago
What do we put in "no sooner sentences"?
If it is in past or present tense.
asked by Angry_Youtuber (vishesh_verma) 7 days ago
does anyone know when the icse timetable is coming out this year?
asked by Ren (resren) 7 days ago
why isc question papers are not included
asked by Ashu (ashu2323) 8 days ago
isc 2011 question paper with answer scheme needed
asked by Rooshni S (rooshni) 9 days ago
why cant i see the question paper uploaded by me on the main web page of respaper
asked by Aman Sayyad (aman_sayyad) 9 days ago
i have a big confusion in tangents and cyclic quadrilateral can anyone say how to sole it
asked by Bala Subramanian (priyabalasubramanian) 14 days ago

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where do you guys cop the latest supreme and bape merch in your city?
asked by Hype Beast (hypebeast) 14 days ago
A coin at the bottom of trough containning water to a depth of 15cm appears to be 3.75cm raised above from the bottom .Calculate the refractive index of water_______________plzzzzzzzz rply soon
asked by Kanika Meher (kanikamahapatra) 18 days ago
What are some tips to score more in English both literature and language?
asked by yashasvib 20 days ago
guys is the answer script given in oswal's book real or fake???
asked by Piyush Sharma (yoperry) 20 days ago
any hint as to what chapters will come in english paper in 2018 board
asked by Riya Shah (hiranandani) 25 days ago
Does anyone know how to get solved french icse papers for grade 10?
asked by Jayant Vaitha (jvaitha) 29 days ago
Guys for formal letter writing do we write the subject before or after the salutation?
asked by Sebastian Pajat (phibadivinia) 31 days ago
aren't picture compositions better because they have such a wide interpretation but my teachers tell us not to attempt it at all. Do we get more marks in picture composition?
asked by Ad (aarushi90) 32 days ago
This is for all the students. One thing that helped me prepare for icse 2017 board exam was the "Analysis of pupil performance" available at the site  . It has the previous years question papers along with the official marking scheme. I came to know about it a bit late so i wasn't able to utilize it completely, so I thought that if i shared this info to u guys now u can check it out now and utilize it more efficiently.
And please guys try to finish off the history and geography portions as early as possible unless u want to suffer during the last one month. This page is a great place to study so please refrain from spamming here. Thank you
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 39 days ago
hi everyone..... some tips for mathematics preparation! or like which book shall be preferred
asked by Rishampreet Kaur (rishampreet) 52 days ago
Happy Diwali Everyone!
asked by Shivaanee sharma (shivaanee22) 89 days ago

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how can i get the specimen paper of 2018
asked by Hemanth Sai raj (hemanthsairaj) 106 days ago
How shall i get answer
asked by Nalinikanta padhy padhy (arpit2003) 141 days ago
Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my Res brothers !! :) God bless you all :)
asked by Jhinuk Bhattacharjee :) (myself1002) 162 days ago
Can ny one upload icse previous year malayalam solved paper
asked by Febin Cp (febi) 166 days ago

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Are we allowed to colour diagrams in Biology , Geography etc. in the Board answer paper.
asked by Papers-Exchange (papersexchange) 169 days ago
Hey everyone! :D
asked by Varna Sajee (varnzkatz) 179 days ago
I believe there are only two seasons on Res.

First is the monsoon, i.e, the time when boards knock at the door. Res floods with students and their doubts. It's all chirpy, always something going on somewhere around the site. This is the time when we meet and make friends whom were were never supposed to know...This is the time when we make some "memories"...

Next comes the summer, when it turns into a desert. The boards have ended. The notification icon, which once showed "99+", gets covered up with rust...Majority of the people say "thanks" and leave res, some of the old buddies choose to stay and hangout on the site out of nostalgia...

These buddies include us, the traders, who still wander around the site on our camels, making sure there's no one thirsty. We are the ones who keep this site alive. 

Buckle up, mates. Monsoon's approaching... Eagerly waiting for the 2018 batch to arrive so that we can guide them, like we were once guided by each other and our seniors.

asked by Neil (subhramit) 182 days ago
please send soon
asked by Arman Singh (arma) 184 days ago

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Number of subsets having 2 elements each = 8C2=  8!/2!6!=8×7/2=28
"what is the formula for finding that number of subsets having 2 elements can anyone tell ?"
asked by Ganesh Prasad (ganesh_prasad) 186 days ago
how do we download papers ?
asked by Kalyani Kasar (silvercat) 193 days ago
who all are going for isc
asked by Riddhi Jain (olive1909) 210 days ago
where can I buy icse topography map 45D/7 and 45D/10 in kolkata?
asked by Vinita Agarwal (vinita17) 211 days ago
C'mon c'mon.... We can't just lose like dat!!!!!!
It's a matter of respect, dignity, prestige.
C'mon India! Apni izzat dav par Hai.
asked by Krishanu Dutta (krishanudutta) 211 days ago
Hi all! Here's the link to my 3rd post (in the comments). It's a poem. It's amature so please bear with me. Also, those who are interested in my posts can you'll please comment down your email IDs. I'll keep you'll updated. Won't be posting on Res anymore. Thank you'll so much for the support! I can't tell how much it means to me. Take care :)
asked by ... (tedgreen) 214 days ago
Can anyone pls refer site for ICSE Marathi and can anyone upload universal tutorials history notes or topper learning history notes
asked by Bhau Dada (wowyash) 214 days ago
Is there any book available in the market which comprises of MODEL TEST PAPERS(ICSE) for all subject?
ps~ buying test papers for different sub. is quite i want them all...together in a single book
asked by Desi HipHOP seal (mjkjn) 215 days ago
Which textbook is the best for physics and maths in class 10th? Are the books of Disha expert good ??
asked by Ananya Aakriti (ananya2309) 219 days ago
can anyone upload ICSE class 10th second language urdu previous question papers
asked by Sameed Hussain (sameed) 223 days ago

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