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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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Can anyone help me to figure out the answer  of Q. 1(a)  of Sulochanadevi Singhania school of 2018 prelim
asked by Nihal Shirke (nihal44) 3 hours ago

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WAP to alphabetically arrange the letters in the word input by the user
asked by Prateek Mukherjee (prateek172) 8 hours ago

+ 3 more questions by prateek172  

for finding probability of odd numbered red cards will ace be counted or not?
asked by Raghav Jimmy (chende) 9 hours ago

+ 2 more questions by chende  

what is brisk effervescence?
asked by Smyan Mangot (cr7limitless) 9 hours ago
Which gas absorbs turns ferous sulphate soln. brown?
NO or NO2?
asked by Momo (zenab13) 9 hours ago

+ 1 more questions by zenab13  

Thyroid signals Pitutary...Low thyroxine level...Pitutary signals hypothalamus...Secretion of TSH hormone   (FEEDBACK MECHANISM)

asked by Mayank Mandar Sahasrabudhe (mayank_25) 9 hours ago

+ 4 more questions by mayank_25  

accurate function of carbon brush in DC motor???
asked by Pranayak Uniyal (pranayak) 10 hours ago

+ 6 more questions by pranayak  

Which schools have the best and toughest papers on all subjects on the website?
asked by Aditya Sethi (unbeatables18) 11 hours ago
Mention any three reasons for failure of league of nations? (icse prelims 2018)
asked by The Matrix City (advaith_17) 18 hours ago
Is there any quick method to find the factors in a quadratic equation?
for eg:-  x^2-8x-1920=0  (this is a board sum)
asked by Secretgirl (secret2002) 20 hours ago
short stories and poems 2k18 predicted poems and lessons? plz tell
asked by Sid Origins (143sid) 1 day ago

+ 1 more questions by 143sid  

What is the transformation of energy in melting of ice
asked by Dhairya Lunia (dhairya69) 1 day ago
Structure of isopropyl alcohol?
asked by Sakshi patil (_sakshi_30) 1 day ago
The spendthrift has run_____ heavy debt.
asked by Prashasti Mitra (prashastimitra) 1 day ago
In chemistry, does section A contains numerical problems also?
asked by Vinay Thakur (respaper119) 1 day ago

+ 1 more questions by respaper119  

which blood vessel has highest conc of urea- hepatic vein or renal artery?
asked by Sanjay Tarachandani (san_tara1) 1 day ago
For mathematics other methods of calculations for example vedic maths trips can be used or not...???
asked by Jiya Mehta (jiya2901) 1 day ago
Guys all the best for exam 😁😁
asked by Smartee😘 (avyana) 1 day ago
bro this question paper was easy af i dont know what u guys are gonna do for exams lol!1
asked by Rohan Reymysterio (loganpaul) 1 day ago
in prashno ke utter knha milenge mujhe?
asked by Devendra Bhatia (deva1407) 1 day ago
Which is the best pen to use for the board exam for a slow writer
asked by Ayesha Ishtiaq Khanum (shajia) 2 days ago
Can I download the sample papers available in this site? If yes, then ,how?
asked by Asha Joshi (aayushjoshi) 2 days ago
Anyone please solve the comp paper (q 6) of Don Bosco😒
asked by Desi HipHOP seal (mjkjn) 2 days ago

+ 2 more questions by mjkjn  

What are some possible French essay and letter topics for the second language ICSE exam?
asked by Mariane Indumathi (nikithaaudrey) 2 days ago
how will angle of MINIMUM DEVIATION change with increase of -
2)refractive index
asked by yashasvib 2 days ago

+ 1 more questions by yashasvib  

Must know Chem -CNMS?
asked by Pranav Ajinkya (narutorocks7) 2 days ago

+ 1 more questions by narutorocks7  

Ice is transparent but crushed ice appears white . Why
asked by Akshay Kumar (akshay0072001) 3 days ago
which lessons are most likely to be asked in .boards in hindi ....prose and poetry
asked by Amu Arcade (arcade_7) 3 days ago
can you please tell how to solve this using properties of proportion
asked by Oggy Bob (oggybob) 3 days ago

+ 2 more questions by oggybob  

Briefly explain the difference between SOUTH-WEST and NORTH-EAST monsoon winds.
asked by Bh Murthy (bhmu) 3 days ago

+ 2 more questions by bhmu  

Could I be provided with a solved paper of commercial application 2012 ICSE class X
asked by Victor Paul (victorsaha123) 3 days ago

+ 1 more questions by victorsaha123  

Do some board papers seriously repeat??
asked by Vinayak Buchke (viper75) 3 days ago
guys plz tell this ASAP....types of substitutions in volleyball ?....are current affairs imp i mean can it be expected to come in exams?
asked by Archana Tapadiya (archana06) 3 days ago

+ 1 more questions by archana06  

(NH4)2Cr2O7 on decomposing gives N2+Cr2O3+4H2O
Q)if 63 g of ammonium dichromate decomposes what will b the loss of the mass?
asked by Rahul Dutta (nimbus2000) 4 days ago
Can i get Green lawns 2018 prelim papers
asked by Sanyu V (sanyu6878) 4 days ago
upload karne ke paise milte hai kya
asked by Aaryan purohit (aaryanpurohit497) 4 days ago
In Geography , if its written calculate the total rainfall during monsoon season , do we have to calculate rainfall of whole year or just monsoon season (i.e. June to Sept) ?
asked by Aman Kumar (amank2854) 4 days ago
Are you going to use the format given by the council or stick to the all left format?
All the best for exams...
asked by RahulBhardwaj (rahulbhardwaj2002) 5 days ago
Which essay has the possibility to come in hindi?
asked by Medha Hegde (medz_) 5 days ago

+ 2 more questions by medz_  

Can anyone please upload a list of Topic wise Hindi Quotes ?
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 5 days ago

+ 1 more questions by devanshu8  

please give sociology isc 2017 board paper
asked by Sutaria Associates Chartered Accountants (heti) 5 days ago
Please tell me how to construct a hexagon
asked by Nisha Singhal (pragnish) 5 days ago
What was the role of jallianwala bagh tragedy in the starting of non cooperation movement
asked by Priyambi Hiran (priyambi) 5 days ago
asked by Ayush Shrivastav (killershock) 6 days ago
how to download the paper from the site
asked by Mohit Shetty (vinaysati) 6 days ago
1 ...... Greenlawns School, Mumbai........Its a nice paper..........2018
asked by Yatharth Kejriwal (yatharth1908) 6 days ago
Is the colour of chlorine yellowish green or greenish yellow???GUYSSSS
asked by Aryasree (aryasree015) 7 days ago
please suggest me the logic for this concerned program

Blue bottle is in blue bag lying on blue carpet.
to replace the word blue from red in the given string without using replace function
asked by Arun Lohani (arun54) 7 days ago
specimen paper physics 2018 Q8 iii and iv answers
asked by HARISH Sv (harish2003) 8 days ago
IS exercise 1 A ,of concise mathematics textbook, included in portions for icse 2018 ?
asked by Lochana Khatri (lochana2002) 8 days ago

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