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ICSE Class X Board Exam 2020 : Art Paper 3 (Original Imaginative Composition in Colour)

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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ART PAPER 3 Original Imaginative Composition in Colour (Three hours) This Paper is to be given to the candidate one week (seven days) in advance. Supervising Examiners are requested to ensure that candidates write clearly, the number of the question and their Index Number and Unique ID on the top right hand corner of the front surface of the paper. A small area in this corner should be kept clear of paint for this purpose. Candidates must be instructed that ruling by any means whatsoever is forbidden. You are required to make an original composition based on one of the subjects given below. Bear in mind that the quality of the composition, feeling and originality are the main objects of this Paper. Before starting work, take note of the following instructions: 1. You must, on no account, base your composition on any picture you have seen. 2. Except for the number of the question and your Index Number and Unique ID you must not write anything on the front of the picture; however, you may write anything you wish to explain about your subject on the reverse of the Art sheet. 3. Your picture should fill, or approximately fill, your sheet of paper. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. Attempt any one of the following topics: 1. [100] Depict a laundry shop. A man is ironing with a heavy iron. A radio is on. A lady is folding and stacking clothes. A child is playing. Water mugs and hangers are left unattended on the ground. 2. A few ladies are sitting under a huge tree. A mother is combing her daughter s hair. The other ladies are busy doing other work. This paper consists of 2 printed pages. T20 603 Copyright reserved. Turn over

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