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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : Economics (Campion School, Mumbai)

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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Sid. X I' C~l\ lPION SCllOOL, MlJ~IBAI l~l .Ll ;\,! lNARY l~XAMINATION Su h : h:onomics r Answer 10 rhis paper must be . ,me : 2 lu,urs '.\-lurl": 110 Y ou wi ll NOT be II ' . wrme~ on th~ pupcr providcd ~cparatcly. Tl . , . . a O\\cd to write during the lir:.t 15 minutes. D:ltc : 13/0 1/2023 lls lune IS to be spent in readin th . n,c lime given nt the head of this paper is the/ . e lqlucstd1on papc_r: . . ,me a O \\ c for wntmg the an!>\.\ er . .m brackets I J The mtcndcd marks for questions or pans ofq UCSlions, are g1vcn A.flempt all 111u:stions /rum Part /. A total offour questions ore lo be auempted Jnm, J>cm II PART I (Attempt all questions from this Part) Question 1. Choose the correct option for each of the following. i) We find price discrimination in this market. a) Monopolistic competition c) Monopoly ( 16) b) Perfect competition d) Duopoly ii) In the process of giving loans, banks arc able to create money thro ugh secondary deposits mor, than the initial primary deposits. a) LRR b) SLR c) Credit Multiplier d} Open Market Operations iii) Demonetization in India took place on _ _ 2016. a) November 8 d) November 9 c) November I0 d) November 11 iv) It is a circulating capital a) Machine b)Factory building c) Raw material d) Automobile v) March_ is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day. a) 13 b) 14 c) 15 d) 16 vi) The barter system failed due to the following reason .... a) No government approval b) Lack of common measure of value c) Currency notes were easily available d) Introduction of meta\ and paper cwren vii) Good money should easily be recognised. What does this statement signify? a) Durability b) Cognipbility c) Stability d) Homogeneity. rnntd ...2

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