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Guys plz check whether this question is wrong or not :-
In H atom the energy of electron in the nth orbit is given as En = -13.6/n².
Show that E(n+1) - En = -13.6/n²  eV*2 for large value of n.

#By large value of n ---> you can consider n+1 ~ n
asked by Richeek Das (hamba) 89 days ago
1's the link to the NTSE Stage 2 2017 question paper. Solve maths, it was really good.

WARNING: The link address is misleading. u might think that its the answer key, but its not..

asked by Sam307 (saksham307) 92 days ago
What is Ss7 module and how can I  download it
asked by Safi shamsi (Ahaan) (safi444) 100 days ago
How to eat hydra
asked by Funny Funny (funnysimgh) 100 days ago
So this group is for CS?
Does anyone know about p vs np?
asked by Catlover (catlover) 102 days ago
Awesome... Let's make this group a success.
asked by Krishanu Dutta (krishanudutta) 102 days ago

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