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Anyone here familiar with risch algorithm?Answer
asked by Dwaipayan Ray 2 years ago
Guys plz check whether this question is wrong or not :- In H atom the energy of electron in the nth orbit is given as En = -13.6/n². Show that E(n+1) - En = -13.6/n² eV*2 for large value of n. #By large value of n ---> you can consider n+1 ~ nAnswer
asked by Richeek Das 3 years ago's the link to the NTSE Stage 2 2017 question paper. Solve maths, it was really good. WARNING: The link address is misleading. u might think that its the answer key, but its not.. Cheers!!Answer
asked by Sam307 3 years ago
What is Ss7 module and how can I download itAnswer
asked by Safi shamsi (Ahaan) 3 years ago
How to eat hydraAnswer
asked by Funny Funny 3 years ago

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