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anybody in 12 th pcm cbse stream
asked by Archana Desai (icse2016an) 2 years ago
What would happen if the molecular collissions are non elastic
asked by Heera Anil (english58) 2 years ago
Someone pls post cbse class 11 prelim papers.. 
I am in PCMB combination.
asked by Sania (sania123) 3 years ago
what is contra entry ??
asked by Kavya Sekhar (aswmgirl17) 3 years ago
Plz list ur group under the comments section... Whether Bio-Math or Commerce or whatever
asked by Josna Jose (schoolkid) 3 years ago

+ 2 more questions by schoolkid  

Carbon dioxide doesnt form any layer in atmosphere due to diffusion ( being lighter than other gases like oxygen n nitrogen...... then y ozone forms a layer......?
asked by Reet Sodhi (ameeksingh) 3 years ago
Hey pls add me as ur friend on Fb because there are too many people with the same names.....
Fb name : Tanmay Dani 
Photo is in yellow t shirt
asked by Ankit Fadia (tanmay_dani) 4 years ago

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