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anyone active??
asked by Agrim (alan1) 19 days ago

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Please solve these specimen papers    - physics    - mathematics    - biology    - chemistry
asked by Angel k saji (angelksaji) 290 days ago

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Any Solved Eng 2 QPs pls, have my exam on 17th :(
asked by Aavesh Kumar (aavesh) 1 year ago

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Can some one upload electronics papers plzzz!!
asked by Vidya (vidya18) 1 year ago
Guys I want to crack at least mains please give me links to best study materials and if possible advice's!!
asked by Abhishek Shyam (abhibenne) 1 year ago
Visit it's revision notes are very helpful
asked by Just17 (just17) 1 year ago

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CBSE pattern  :'(
asked by Eirina (peaceouteirina) 1 year ago
Is any1 studying arms and the man??
asked by Resfan and also ur fan (resfan) 1 year ago

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guys ru doing any coaching for iit jee prep or online mock tests if any can u give me links pls
asked by Um 100 (um100) 1 year ago
anyone from commerce?
asked by Shakthidharshini (vaishnavi14) 1 year ago
How much have u guys completed in literature part?
asked by Sivarajeshwar (coolboys98657) 1 year ago
Any one preparing for IIT Here?
asked by A. A (apple8) 1 year ago

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