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how should i utilise my holidays by studying which subject?Answer
asked by Ashutosh Bajpai 1 year ago
Guys, if you could please upload 2018 physics prelims papers.. They are really worth it.Answer
asked by Ritik Taneja 1 year ago
With reference to to free electron theory of conductivity, explain what is positive ion core?Answer
asked by Agrim 1 year ago
Which chapters u guys are leaving for isc lit?Answer
asked by Zihfa 1 year ago
Most probable predictions: Titration: KMnO4 - Mohr salt (Your titre value must be around 23) Organic compounds: Formaldehyde and Glycerol Inorganic salt: Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) Most students from different schools were questioned the same in their second prelims. Many claim to have been already confirmed these compounds by their chemistry teacher. You may prepare the above very well, but I do not recommend to skip the rest. Take decisions at your own risk. Lastly, all the best! :DAnswer
asked by Eirina 1 year ago

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