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CBSE Class 9 Pre Board 2019 : Social Science (St Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Delhi)

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Cbse 9
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Annual Examination in SOCIAL SCIENCE Std. 9 16-2-2019 Time : 3 hrs. Max. Marks : 80 General Instructions: i) The question paper is divided into four sections Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. ii) The question paper has 26 questions in all. iii) All questions are compulsory. Answer the questions in serial order to avoid deduction of marks. iv) Marks are indicated against each question. v) Questions from serial number 1 to 7 (Section A) are very short answer type questions. Each question carries one mark. vi) Questions from serial number 8 to 18 (Section B) are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 80 words each. vii) Questions from serial number 19 to 25 (Section C) are 5 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 100 words each. viii) Question number 26 (Section D) is a map question of 5 marks with three parts -26A and 26B from History (2 marks) and 26C from Geography (3 marks). ix) must be clearly written on the spaces provided in the map; attach the map inside the answer book. x) Question nos. 4, 5, 12, 13, 15, 16, 20 and 21 has internal choice. Attempt any one option in each of these questions. SECTION - A 1. What led to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte 1 2. French Revolutionary Government introduced laws that helped improve the lives of French Women. Explain. 1 3. Mention any 2 arguments against democracy. 1 4. What is the total land boundary of India? (OR) Name the southernmost point of Indian union. 1 What do you mean by factors of production? (OR) Define the term multiple cropping. 1 6. Give any two examples of tertiary sector. 1 7. Write any two issues related to poverty. 1 5. SECTION - B 8. Explain Hitler youth . 3 9. Problems pointed out by Brandis were solved to make forests useful for the British. State any THREE ways by which the British made forest useful. 3 10. Discuss any 3 functions of the constitution. 3 11. Why was Mandal commission appointed by the Indian government? 3 12. What does Voter turn out during an election in India signify? (any 3 points) (OR) Write any 3 successful slogans given by different political parties in various elections. 3 Explain the division of the western coastal plain of India. (OR) Write a brief note on the Purvanchal Himalayas. 3 13.

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