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CBSE Class 9 Pre Board 2020 : Science (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 9
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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU SESSION (2019-2020) ASSIGNMENT Class: IX Subject: Science GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: The question paper comprises three sections A, B, C. Attempt all the sections. All questions in section A are one mark questions comprising MCQ, VSA type and assertion-reason type questions. They are to be answer in one word or in one sentence. 3. All questions in section B are three marks, short answer type questions. These are to be answered in about 50-60 words each. 4. All questions in section C are five marks, long answer type questions. These are to be answered in about 80-90 words each. 5. This Assignment consists of a total of 30 questions. 1. 2. SECTION A 1. 1. Action-reaction forces act; (a) On different bodies (b) On the same body (c) Along different lines (d) In the same direction 2. The inertia of an object tends to cause the object; (a) To increase its speed (b) To decrease its speed (c) To resist any change in its state of motion (d) None of these 3. Rocket works on the principle of conservation of; (a) Velocity (b) Momentum (c) Mass (d) Energy 4. The quantitative definition of force is given by; (a) Newton s 2nd law (b) Newton s 1st law (c) Newton s 3rd law (d) None of these 5. The area under a speed time graph is represented by ________________. 6. Newton s law of gravitation is valid _________________. 7. The mass of the body is measured to be 12 kg on the earth. If it is taken to the moon, its mass will be (a). 12 kg (b). 6 kg (c). 2 kg (d). 72 kg 8. List any three general functions of connective tissues. 9. List any two functions of areolar tissue. 10. Who is known as father of taxonomy. 11. Radial symmetry is seen in (a). sponges (b). fishes (c). star fishes (d). mollusks

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