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CBSE Class 12 Pre Board 2019 : History - Prelim 2 (St Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Delhi)

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Pre Board Examination 2019 Std. 12 14-01-2019 Set 2 Max. Marks : 80 Time : 3 hrs. HISTORY General Instructions: i) Answer all questions. Some questions have internal choice. Marks are indicated against each question. ii) Answer to questions carrying 2 marks (Part A, 1 to 3) should not exceed 30 words each. iii) Answer to questions carrying 4 marks (Part B, 4 to 9) should not exceed 100 words each. iv) Answer to questions carrying 8 marks (Part C, 10 to 12) should not exceed 350 words each. v) Question no 13 to 15 are source based questions. All have to be attempted and carry 7 marks each. vi) Question 16 is map question with two parts - identification and location and carries 5 marks. Part - A (Very Short Answer Based Questions) 2 x 3 = 6 marks 1. The burials in Harappan sites reveal the economic and social differences amongst the people living within a particular culture. Give two evidences in support of your answer. 2. Examine why Bernier was against the idea of crown ownership of land in Mughal India. 3. State any two steps taken by Lord Wellesley to clean up the city of Calcutta. (OR) State any two features of Neo- Gothic style of architecture. Part - B (Short Answer Based Questions) 4 x 6 = 24 marks 4. The problems of archaeological interpretation are perhaps most evident in attempts to reconstruct the religious practices of Harappa . Give suitable arguments in support of your answer. 5. The mid first millennium BCE is often regarded as a major turning point in world history. Justify. 6. Kabir was and is to the present a source of inspiration for those who questioned entrenched social institutions and ideas in their search for the divine. Explain. 7. The nobility was recruited consciously by the Mughal rulers from diverse ethnic and religious groups. Justify. 8. Through proclamations the rebels of 1857 completely rejected everything associated with British rule or firangi raj . Cite any four aspects to support this statement. (OR) By the 1850s, the Santhals felt that the time had come to rebel against zamindars, moneylenders and the colonial state. Identify aspects related with the statement. 9. The battle between the hoe and the plough was a long one. Substantiate the statement with reference to the Santhals and Paharias of Raj Mahal Hills during the 18th century. Part - C (Long Answer Questions) 8 x 3 = 24 marks 10. Brahmanical norms regarding marriage and occupation were not universally followed in ancient times. Give arguments in support of your answer. 11. What does Asokan inscriptions tell us about the Mauryas? Describe the limitations of the inscriptional evidences. (OR) State any three features of Mahajanapadas. How did Magadha become the most powerful Mahajanapada? Explain. 12. Explain why some hill stations developed during the colonial period in India.

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