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CBSE Class 12 Pre Board 2020 : Business Studies - Prelim 1 (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Class- XII DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU Assignment Pre-Board- I (2019-20) Subject-Business Studies 1. What is meant by 'effectiveness' in management? 2. How does coordination ensure unity of action in management? 3. 4. 5. Define 'planning premises'. Organisation helps in maintaining .. in working relationships. Who gave the concept of scientific management? a) Henry Fayol b) Seymour c) Philips Kotler d) F W Taylor Which of these was not a part of new economic policy? a) Liberalisation b) Globalisation c) Privatisation d) Politicisation 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11. National VritechUd has grown in size. It was a market leader but with changes in business environment and with the entry of MNCs, its market share is declining. To cope up with the situation, CEO starts delegating some of his authority to the general manager, who also felt himself overburdened and with the approval of CEO disperses some of his authority to various levels throughout the organisation. Identify the concept of management discussed above. Why is conducting an interview important? Amit is running an 'advertising agency' and earning a lot by providing this service to big industries. State whether the working capital requirement of the firm will be 'less' or 'more . Give reason in support of your answer. Zoom Udyog, a car manufacturing company has started its business with Zoom-8OO and slowly launched Zoom-1000, Wagon-Z, Swy-fy, etc and offered various services like after sale services availability of spare parts, etc. Identify the element of marketing mix referred here. Himesh after completing his graduation, started working with a multinational company in Delhi. But due to ill health of his parents, he had to go back to his village. There he noticed that the villagers were literate but ignorant about their rights. Many vegetable vendors were using stones as weights to sell their vegetables. Some shopkeepers were selling food items without having 'FPO mark'. Villagers did not find anything wrong with these practices. So, to create awareness among villagers, Himesh decided to publish a weekly journal 'Jan Jagriti'. State the 'right' which Himesh has exercised by doing so. 12. State any three advantages that a functional structure offers to an organization. 13. 'Choice of an appropriate channel of distribution is very important marketing decision which affects the performance of an organization'. Explain any two factors on which the

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