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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2020 : Geography (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 11
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Delhi Public School, Jammu Final Examination Assignment Session (2019 -2020) Class: XIth Subject: Geography Subject Code: 029 1. Which one of the following disciplines attempts temporal synthesis? a) Sociology b) Geography c)Anthropology d) History 2. Which type of volcanic eruptions have caused Deccan Trap formations? a) Shield b) Flood c) Composite d) Caldera 3. Which one of the following is not a minor plate? a) Nazca b) Arabia c)Philippines d) Antarctica 4. In which one of the following regions the chemical weathering process is more dominant than the mechanical process? a) Humid region b) Limestone region c)Arid region d) Glacier region 5. Oxygen gas is in negligible quantity at the height of atmosphere a)90 km b) 120 km c) 100 km d) 150 km 6. Which one of the following is the highest cloud in the sky? a) Cirrus b) Stratus c) Nimbus d) Cumulus 7. Most of the Indian Peninsula will be grouped according to Koeppen s system under: a) Af b) BSh c) Cfb d) Am 8. Salinity is expressed as the amount of salt in grams dissolved in sea water per a) 10 gm b) 1,000 gm c) 100 gm d) 10,000 gm 9. The distance between the earth and the moon is minimum when the moon is in:

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