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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2019 : Business Studies (St Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Delhi)

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Cbse 11
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Annual Examination in BUSINESS STUDIES Std. 11 28-2-2019 Time : 3 hrs. Max. Marks : 90 1. Tripti is the biggest cardiologist of her town. Identify the type of economic activity highlighted in the given case. 1 2. Shivpal is a fisherman in Kerala and owns six fishing vessels. Identify the form of industry in which he operates. 1 3. What is meant by Participating Preference Shares? (OR) Explain the meaning of debit note . 1 4. Malti sells small kitchen utensils in Lakshmi Nagar, every Tuesday. Which type of trader is Malti? (OR) Which type of small business supplies not less than 50 per cent of its output to another industry? 1 5. For a trading business, state whether the requirement of fixed capital will be higher or lower. 1 6. What is the nature of interest on debenture? 1 7. In India, every major state has its own Chamber of Commerce like Delhi Chamber of Commerce, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, etc. All these Chamber of Commerce are members of which national body? 1 8. What is the main objective of Export Promotion Councils? 1 9. An activity can be economic activity in one situation and non-economic activity in another situation . Do you agree? Give an example to justify your answer. 3 10. How does the Government maintain regional balance in the country? 3 11. In context to outsourcing, what do you understand by core and non-core activities? 3 12. Explain any three benefits of entering into Joint Venture. (OR) Owing to demonetisation, Bharti Limited has decided to transfer the salaries of their employees through NEFT. i) What do you understand by NEFT? ii) Explain two demerits of NEFT. 3 State the features of cottage industries. (OR) Briefly explain the role of commerce in business. 3 14. How does the wholesaler help the manufacturer in availing the economies of scale? 3 15. Lakshay and Akshay are twin brothers. After completing their MBA from Symbiosis, Pune, they decided to start their own business, which will work as an ancillary unit of TATA motors. They decided to start their factory on a piece of land which is owned by their father. Now, they are confused whether to start their business as a Joint Hindu Family business or a partnership business. As an expert, enumerate the differences between these two forms of business organisations. 4 13.

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