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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2020 : History (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 11
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Class: XI Subject: History DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU Session 2019-20 Assignment Q.1 How did primitive man procure his food? Q.2 The discovery of fire is regarded as an important event in the life of primitive man. Why? Q.3 Was the early man an artist? Q.4 what were the steps taken by the people of Mesopotamia to promote trade and commerce? Q.5 Describe the script used by the ancient Mesopotamians. Q.6 Describe the main features of Hammurabi code of law. Q.7 Throw some light on the art of Mesopotamia. Q.8 what is the contribution of the Romans in the field of education? Q.9 What led to the fall of Roman republic? Q.10 Give an account on the rise of Roman Empire. Q.11 Mention the causes responsible for the decline of Roman Empire? Q12. Narrate the achievements of the Romans in the period of Augustus. Q.13Throw some light on Roman society. Q.14 Compare the contribution of Greece with that of Rome. Q.15 Describe two features of Bedouins. Q.16 Define HIJRA? Q.17 What do you know by Crusades? Q.18 What causes led to the decline of Abbasids? Q.19 Discuss the contribution of Arabs in the field of art and literature. Q. 20 What was the impact of Crusades on Europe and Asia? Q.21 What is meant by Abbasid Revolution? Q. 22 Describe the achievements of Inca Civilization? Q. 23 What were the causes of the discovery of new-sea routes in the 15th and 16th centuries? Q.24 What is meant by the Age of Discovery? Q.25 What were the effects of the Geographical Discoveries of the early modern Age? Q.26 Write any essay on Slavery and Slave Trade and the struggle for their Abolition. Q.27 Discuss the common features of the early American Civilizations. Q.28 What do you understand by term Industrial Revolution? Q. 29 Explain the concept of Proto-Industrialisation? Q.30 What condition are most essential for Industrialisation? Q.31 What led to the revolution in the art of smelting Iron? Q.32 How does Industrialisation affect trade? Q.32 Describe the main features of Industrial Revolution. How did it affect the condition of workers? Q.33 What were the relative advantages of canal and railway transportation? Q.34 How did the invention of steam engine revolutionize industry and transport? Q.35 How did Industrial Revolution gave rise to Imperialism? Q36 Define Imperialism. Q.37 Give a brief account of North America. Q.38 Give a brief account of Australia. Q.39 How did the imperialist powers displace the natives of America and Australia?

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