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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2020 : Biology (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 11
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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU FINAL EXAMINATION ASSIGNMENT SESSION (2019-20) SUBJECT: BIOLOGY CLASS: XI Q1. Who gave the nomenclature according to which humans are called Homo sapiens. a) Darwin c) Aristotle b) Mendel d) Linnaeus Q2. Diatoms are placed under a) Chrysophytes c) Slime moulds b) Euglenoids d) Dinoflagellates Q3. Corm is modification of a) Root c) Bud b) Stem d) leaf Q4. Lateral roots develop from a) Epidermis c) Endodermis b) Cortex d) Pericycle Q5. Largest Synovial joint is a) Knee Joint c) Shoulder Joint b) Hip Joint d) Ankle Joint Q6. Plants are autotrophic. Name any two plants that are partially heterotrophic. Q7. Differentiate between chordates and non chordates. Q8. What do you mean by collateral and conjoint vascular bundles? Q9. How is wall lizard able to walk over vertical walls and ceilings? Q10. Explain why how transpiration is both useful and harmful to plants. Q11. What is leghaemoglobin and what is its function? Q12. Explain any one heterocrine gland of the body. Q13. Explain different zones of the root. Q14. Explain diagrammatically the female reproductive system of cockroach.

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