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CBSE Class 10 Pre Board 2018 : Social Science (St Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Delhi) : Set 1

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ST. XAVIER'S SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, DELHI - 110054 Pre-Board Examination 2018 in SOCIAL SCIENCE Std. 10 15-01-2018 Set 1 Max. Marks : 80 Time : 3 hrs. General Instructions : 1. The question paper has 28 questions in all. All questions are compulsory and are to be answered in serial order to avoid deduction of marks. 2. Marks are indicated against each question. 3. Questions from serial number 1 - 7 are very short answer questions of 1 mark each. 4. Questions from serial number 8 to 18 are 3 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 80 words each. 5. Questions from serial number 19 - 25 are 5 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 100 words each. 6. Question numbers 26 and 27 are map questions from History with 1 mark each. 7. Question number 28 is a map question of 3 marks from Geography. 8. Q. No./options must be clearly written on the space provided in the map. 9. For Question numbers 26, 27 & 28 (map based questions) one outline political map of India is provided. After completion of the work, attach the map inside your answer book. 10. Question numbers 19, 21, 23 and 25 have internal choice. Attempt any one option out of the given in each of these questions. 1. Which TWO provinces of Vietnam were referred to as Electrical Fuses ? 1 2. What was the main aim of establishing Tonkin Free School in Vietnam by the French? 1 3. Give one word to describe The Belgian Model of Government 1 4. Which state in India has special status? 1 5. Which form of government is the dominant form of government in the contemporary world? 1 6. The dams that were constructed to control floods have triggered floods. Why? 1 7. You are not satisfied with the service of the cable operator catering to your locality, but you are unable to switch over to anybody else. Which consumer Right is denied here? 1 8. Why did USA decide to withdraw from Vietnam? 3 9. How did Non-Co operation Movement differ from Civil Disobedience Movement? Give any THREE reasons. 3 10. Describe the three fold distribution of legislative powers between union and state governments in India. 11. How do political parties help in the formation of public opinion? Explain. 3 12. Describe the two origins of social differences with examples. 3 13. Why is democracy better than dictatorship? Any three points 3 14. Which crop is called golden fibre? Name its two major producing states. Why is it loosing market? 3 15. Write any three problems faced by the rail transport in India. 3 1 +1 =3

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