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CBSE Class X Sample Question Paper 2017 : e-PUBLISHING & e-OFFICE (with Marking Scheme / Solutions)

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Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
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Sample Question Paper Summative Assessment-II-2016-17 Class X E-Publishing & E-Office Subject Code no: 354/454 Max. Marks: 30 Time: 2 hours (Section A) 1. Which single shortcut key is used to insert/create chart for the selected cell in MS-excel. 1 2. My class teacher is having the result-sheet of entire class showing total marks for each student. She want me to help her in generating a summary report showing the following: Student scoring 90% & above. Student scoring 75% & above. Student scoring 60% & above. Passed Students. Fail students Which chart should I use in ms-excel? 1 3. (a) In a worksheet column A, B and C are showing the quantity of an item in 3 different departmental stores. If column D is to display the total quantity, write the formula statement. (b) In Which cell should the above statement be written? 2 4. In order to insert a formula in an excel sheet, Which menu item is to be clicked? What is the category type of IF ()? 2 5. In an excel sheet as shown below, I want computer to automatically set the value for column D as Pass/fail based on the condition. Marks >=33, Pass Marks <33, Fail A B C D 1 Roll no Name Marks Result 2 1001 Amit 73 3 1002 Riya 27 4 1003 Sunita 53 5 1004 Radha 39 6 1005 Mohan 83 1+1+2=4 (a) Write the steps to accomplish the same in ms-excel. (b) Write the condition Statement for Sunita. (c). Can we achieve more than two values for result? For example if marks are more than 75; set result to merit, if marks are in the range of 33 to 74 set result as Pass else Fail. If yes, how?

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