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ICSE Class IX Mid-term 2021 : Computer Applications (The Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS), Bangalore)

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Aditya Chakraborti
The Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS), Bangalore
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THE FRANK ANTHONY PUBLIC SCHOOL, BANGALORE COMPUTER APPLICATION CLASS 9 FIRST TERM EXAMINATION (2020-2021) Total Marks : 80 Reading Time : 15 min No. of Printed Pages : 3 Writing Time : 2 hrs Section A (Attempt all the questions) Question 1 [2x5] a) Give Java statements for the following: i) To accept a character to the variable ch from the keyboard ii) To check if the String s is equal to FAPS (It should work for all the case) b) Switch-case works only on two types of data. What are they? c) How is a Byte code different from Native Executable Code? d) Name the expression which contains different data types. Also, give an example. e) Name the package in which the class Scanner is present. Write a statement to include that package in your program. Question 2 [2x5] a) Differentiate : i) Entry control loop and Exit Control loop b) Arrange the following operator in ascending order of precedence i)+ ii) * iii)++ iv) ?: v) <= vi) && v) = vi) ! vii) % viii) > c) Arrange the datatype in the increasing order of memory allocation i)char ii) int iii) float iv) byte v) long vi) boolean vii) short viii) double d) If the value of s = -5. Find s += ++s * s++ + s e) Write a statement to correct the following type conversion: int n = (float) a / b ; Question 3 a) Convert the following statement with Ternary operator to conditional statement [2] System.out.println((a % 2 == 0 && a % 3 != 0) ? a+" Even number": a+ "is an Odd number"); b) What is the value of s and a when in each of the following statements are executed. Assume the initial value of a = 3 [2] i) s = ++a ii) s = a c) Classify the following as valid or invalid Identifiers [2] i)A_b4 ii) %fun iii) $Sum iv) 4good d) Convert the following switch statement to Conditional statement [3] switch(c) { case 1: case 2: case 3: System.out.println("Hello"); break; default: System.out.println("Not Hello"); } 1

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