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ICSE Prelims 2016 : Geography (Childrens Academy, Ashok Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai)

5 pages, 77 questions, 49 questions with responses, 62 total responses
Yash Patel
Children's Academy, Ashok Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai
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G10-GEOG REVISION-PRELIMS 1.The diurnal range of temperature during summer is greater at Bikaner(Rajasthan) than at Panaji(Goa).Give Reason 2. What is burst of monsoon? 3. Name one region that receives more than 200 cms of rainfall and one region that gets less than 25cms of rainfall annually. 4. Give 3 characteristics of the Indian Monsoon. 5. Discuss2 factors that affect the climate of India. ******************************************************** 6. Name the 4 important soils in India and one state each where they are found. 7. Name one soil that is transported and one In-situ soil. 8. Give two characteristics of black and red soil each. 9. List 2 ways that water causes soil erosion . 10. List 3 ways of preventing soil erosion. 11. Give 2 differences between Khadar & Bangar soils. *********************************************************** 12. Give the uses of Neem, Walnut, Shisham,Sundari trees. 13. Give 2 characteristics of the Tropical Evergreen forests. 14. Which are the most economically important trees in India? Why? 15. How is desert vegetation able to survive the harsh climatic conditions? 16. Give reasons- Many trees are planted in and around Iron & Steel plants. 17. Mention 3 adverse effects of deforestation. 18. State 3 methods for conservation & development of forests of India.

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************************************************************ 19. Name 2 states in which well irrigation is widely used. Give one reason for this. 20. Mention 2 objectives of rain water harvesting. 21. List 3 methods of recharging ground water. 22. Give 2 advantages and disadvantages of tank irrigation. Name 2 states where this type of irrigation is practiced. 23. State 3 modern methods of irrigation. State 1 advantage of the modern methods of irrigation. 24.Why are inundated canals being converted to perennial canals? *********************************************************** 25. Name the varieties of coal found in India. Name the type of coal used for domestic purpose. 26. What are tertiary coal fields? Name the largest lignite coal field in S.India. 27. Name 4 petrochemical products. 28. Write a note on the off shore oil field in W.India. 29.Name 1 oil refinery each in the private sector as well as public sector. State 2 uses of mineral oil. 30.Name the iron ore centres in the following states: a) Odisha b) Jharkhand 31. Name the limestone centres in the following states: a) Andhra Pradesh b) Chhattisgarh 32.Give 2 uses of limestone. Name 2 states where it is found. *************************************************** 33. Where does the Bhilai Steel Plant get the following resources?

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a) Iron ore b) Coal c) Power d) Limestone 34. What are mini steel plants? give 2 advantages of these plants. 35.Name 1integrated steel plant in the private sector. Where does this plant get its requirement of iron ore and coal from? 36. Why is the Heavy Engineering industry important for the development of India? 37. Name the following: a) A shipbuilding yard on the west coast and east coast of India b) A centre where diesel locomotives are manufactured c) The foreign collaborator of the iron and steel plant at Rourkela d) A centre where the integrated coach factory is situated e) A centre where Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd is situated f) A centre where The Hindustan Machine Tools is situated 38. Explain the following terms: a) Ginning b) Transplantation c) Broadcasting d) Ratooning e) Withering f) Drilling h) Bud grafting i) Retting j) Mesta k) Cereals l) Millets 39. Give the geographical conditions required for the growth of the following: a) Rice b) Wheat c) Sugarcane d) Ragi e) Cotton f) Tea g) Jute 40. Give reasons: a) Pulses are grown extensively in India. b) Millets are called dry crops c) Tea is cultivated on hill slopes d) Tapping of rubber trees is usually done in the morning hours

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e) oilcake is a useful residue f) The yield of Indian agriculture is low as compared to the world standards 41. Explain the Japanese method of rice cultivation 42.Give 3 problems of Indian agriculture 43. Give 2 differences between Cash crops and Food crops. 44. Mention 1 leading state where the following crops are grown: a) Rice b) Wheat c) Sugarcane d) Ragi e) Cotton f) Tea g) Jute h) Coffee i) Rubber j) Millets k) Pulses l) oil seeds 45. Name 2 non-edible oil seeds. ************************************************************** 46.Give 3 problems of the cotton textile industry. 47. State 3 problems each of the Silk industry and woollen industry 49. Name 3 byproducts of the sugar industry. Give one use of each. 50. Sugar Industry has now migrated to the south. Give 2 reasons 51. Give Reason: a) India produces very little cane sugar though it is one of the largest producers of sugar cane in the world. b) Woollen industry is a localized industry c) The Khadi and Handloom industry cannot be ignored d) Jute industries are situated along the Hoogly belt 52. Name an important industry associated with the following centres: a) Bengaluru b) Ahmedabad c)Kanpur d) Ludhiyana e) Mysore f)Jamnagar g) Manipur h) Rajasthan *******************************************************

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53. State 3 problems faced by the Indian railways 54. What is the Golden Quadrilateral? List 2 ways in which it will help in the economic development of the country. 55. Why are peninsular rivers not suitable for navigation? 56. Name 4 major ports in India. State 2 advantages of waterways. 57. What are National Highways. Name 3 such Nation Highways. 58. Define the following terms: a) Biomagnification b)Acid rain c) Green House gases d) Bio-medical waste e) non-degradable waste i) ESP s j)Scrubber f) Eutrophication g) Composting h)Flocculation k)Sanitary landfill 59. List 2 government as well as individual initiatives to reduce waste. Name the Delhi Government s Initiative to reduce pollution in the NCR. 60.What are the advantages of using ESP s?(any3)


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