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TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ICSE PHYSICS 1. ALWAYS write the units in your answer. You will lose a mark unnecessarily on forgetting to write units. 2. Units that are named after scientists will be in capital letters in their abbreviated form and in small letters in their expanded form. Eg: - N newton Newton X J joule Joule X 3. Draw simple diagrams wherever you can provided you have the time. Adding a diagram to your answer makes your answer look complete. 4. For those who find it difficult to memorise stuff, focus on numericals. Numericals test your conceptual clarity and 25-30% of the paper is composed of numericals. 5. Those who find numericals difficult and are not too good with numbers, focus on chapters like Optics (Light) and Modern Physics. These come as entire questions in Section II without any sums. 6. Time management is very important. Don t spend time beating around the bush for a 2 mark question. If you don t know it, come back to it later. 7. In most papers, there is a question where you have to draw pulley systems. Use coins of different sizes instead of using a compass. You know how good you are when it comes to using a compass. 8. For numericals with big numbers and decimals, until the LAST step, keep everything in fraction form. Numbers might eventually cancel out, if you re lucky.

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9. Revise your 9th Grade measurement chapter once before the exam. Unit conversions are the place where most students mess up. 10.Attempt 1 extra question ONLY, if you have 15+ minutes left at the end. Re-checking your paper is wiser than attempting extra questions. All Examiners don t necessarily enjoy checking papers and attempting more than 1 extra question might not be welcomed by him/her. 11. If you have enough time left, underline keywords in your answer. It makes the examiners job easier. 12. Attempt a new question on a new page. You can save the environment after your board exam. fndfs 13. Correct your mistake with a single strike. Don t fnfjsnf grge 14. Keep your handwriting legible and neat. All the Best!

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