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ICSE Prelims 2016 : Geography (Don Bosco School, Liluah, Howrah)

3 pages, 54 questions, 48 questions with responses, 72 total responses
Ritwik Banerjee
Don Bosco School, Liluah, Howrah
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Class X Subject GEOGRAPHY Time-2hr F.M : 80 SECTION-A Q1. 45D/10, ES: 02-10, NS: 01-09 (2x10 =20) 1. Give the distance of the metalled road from its eastern edge to the causeway just north Pipliya. 2. What is the black broken line in 0601? 3. Give two indications that the area receives seasonal rainfall. 4. What is the approximate latitudinal extent of the mapped extract? 5. Name a settlement on the left bank of the Sukli Nadi. 6. What are the conventional signs at (i) 065019, (ii) 028020? 7. What is the uses of embankment. 8. Identify the major contour landforms present in the map extract. 9. Why there is presence of streams in the region? 10. Give the compass direction of Awara from Salotra . Q2. Map Pointing (1x10=10) 1. Coromondal coast. 2. Palk Strait. 3. Tropical Cyclones. 4. Nathula Pass 5. Cherrapunji. 6. Thar Desert. 7. Golden Quadrilateral. 8. Area of maximum rubber production. 9. 10 degree channel. 10. Highest millets producing area. SECTION-B (Any Five) Q3. a. What do you mean by Cherry blossoms? (2) b. How tropical cyclones are formed in Bay of Bengal? (3) c. Kanyakumari has an equable climate. Explain. (2) d. Tamil Nadu receives more rainfall then Mysore. Explain. (2) e. What is October heat? (1) Q4. a. State the factors that can be regarded as essential for soil formation. (3) b. State the human impact of soil erosion. (2) c. State one deficit each of Red,Black and alluvial soil. (3)

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d. State the factors which responsible for the formation of soil. (2) Q5. a. Why wheat needs cool climate during its growing season? (2) b. Explain the process drilling and dibbling associated? (4) c. What are the climatic requirements of Bajra? Why it is grown in the dry areas? (2) d. What are the processes that are involved in Japanese method of rice cultivation? (2) Q6. a. What are the stages that are involved in tea production? (2) b. What is the uses of flax seeds ? (2) c. Name two disease which effects sugarcane? (1) d. Why sugar industry is gradually shifting from North India to Peninsular India? (3) e. Silk production is widely available in Tamilnadu. Explain. (2) Q7. a. Which variety of iron ore is widely available in India? (2) b. Name two places in Goa where iron ore is mined. (2) c. How fossil fuels can be obtained? (2) d. Give two uses of bauxite. (2) e. State the difference between anthracite and lignite coal? (2) Q8. a. Give two demerits of canals irrigation ? (2) b. Give two merits of the tank irrigation ? (2) c. Suggest two ways for ground water recharge ? (2) d. Discuss the importance of HEP projects ? (2) e. What is Drip Irrigation ? (2) Q9.a. What is social forestry ? (2) b. State two characteristics each of Dry forest and mountain forest ? (2) c. Name two programmes adopted in favour of social forestry ? (2) d. Give two characteristics of desert vegetation with examples ? (2) e. Neem , Chir Pine,( types of forest in which these trees are found ) ? (2) Q10. a. Difference between Dam and barrage? (2) b) Why Bengaluru is considered as Silicon valley of India ? (2) c) With reference to Durgapur steel plant : (2) i) Area from where it obtains coal ii) Area for power and water supply. d) Kapurthala , Mazgaon Dock , Sonepat , Bhopal ( Name its industrial units) (4) Q11. a. Why north India is chosen for the construction of railways ?(2) b. State two de-merits of road transport ? (2) c. What does CPWD stands for? (1) d. What is incineration ? ( 4)

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e) How industrial waste affects human health ? (1)


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