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Tips and tricks for ICSE

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ENGLISH LANGUAGE Pay special attention to your essay, avoid spelling mistakes. Making no grammatical errors in the essay ensures a minimum of 18 marks out of 25 provided that the essay has the necessary length. Avoid scribbling and rewriting in the letter, they cost you marks. The formal letter is preferred since 3 marks are reserved in it for correct format. Do not copy sentences directly from the comprehension passage. However, certain keywords are required in the answer which may be taken from the passage. Ensure that all points needed in your answer to Question 3(c) have been stated in the precis within 60 words. LITERATURE IN ENGLISH Try your best to include all points in your answer. 0.5 mark is cut for every point missed. Give quotations from the text in your answers in the drama section(Section A). You are allowed to use the same phrases and sentences as in the text in case of questions in Section C-Prose. In the essay-type answer of sixteen marks, give a brief character sketch of the major character(s) and the background before expressing your opinion. HISTORY & CIVICS Study according to the prescribed syllabus for questions in Part II (Long questions) only. You need to study the entire textbook for short questions in Part I. GEOGRAPHY Avoid overcrowding in the map of India by drawing arrows at different places. All labelling should be done by means of arrows only. Study any 7 topics of the syllabus thoroughly, any 1 topic can be left out totally since you are required to answer 5 questions out of nine and seperate questions are given for each of the nine topics climate, soil, natural vegetation, water resources, agriculture, agro-based industries, minerals, mineral-based industries and transport & waste

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management (combined). The classification of industries has to be studied for both topics-agro-based & mineralbased industries. MATHEMATICS Attempt all questions relating to statistics, constructions and reflection in Section II at the end provided you have sufficient time left since they require careful attention. There is no scope of making silly mistakes in such sums. Read the question carefully. PHYSICS Optics(light) is the easiest part of the syllabus, students who are weak in numericals are advised to pay special attention to this topic. Practice adequate numericals before the final examination in order to build up confidence. Practice diagrams of- hot cathode ray tube, a.c. Generator, d.c. Motor, pulley systems, levers, refraction, lenses, waveforms. CHEMISTRY Study only those reactions as mentioned in the syllabus in case of inorganic compunds (HCl, NH3, HNO3, H2SO4) and organic chemistry. Study practical chemistry and preparation of salts in the form of a chart. Practise adequate numericals since they are allotted 5 marks in the compulsory section. Learn up the statements of all the laws related to stoichiometry and mole concept. More emphasis should be laid on conceptual questions with regard to periodic table and chemical bonding. BIOLOGY Instead of memorizing the text, make a list of all probable definitions, difference pairs, give reasons, etc.

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No diagrams should be ignored. Any diagram can be presented in the diagram-based questions. Srijan's ICSE biology text book can be referred to, for practice of objective questions like odd one out, match the following and rewrite in logical sequence. COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Practice adequate programs from a good workbook for ICSE Computer Applications. Make a list of all definitions and conceptual questions and study it, Practice adequate questions on output and sums. Note: In most of the subjects, questions in the second section are optional. Students are allowed to attempt only one extra question in each subject.(6 in geography, 5 in science subjects, 5 in mathematics)


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