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GATE 2015 : General Aptitude (Set 5)

3 pages, 10 questions, 10 questions with responses, 22 total responses
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GATE 2015 SET- 5 General Aptitude -GA Q. 1 Q. 5 carry one mark each. Q.1 Didn t you buy ___________________ when you went shopping? (A) any paper Q.2 (B) much paper (C) no paper (D) a few paper Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the sentence below? She enjoyed herself immensely at the party. (A) She had a terrible time at the party (B) She had a horrible time at the party (C) She had a terrific time at the party (D) She had a terrifying time at the party Q.3 Which one of the following combinations is incorrect? (A) Acquiescence - Submission (B) Wheedle - Roundabout (C) Flippancy - Lightness (D) Profligate - Extravagant Q.4 Based on the given statements, select the most appropriate option to solve the given question. If two floors in a certain building are 9 feet apart, how many steps are there in a set of stairs that extends from the first floor to the second floor of the building? Statements: (I) (II) (A) (B) (C) (D) Q.5 Each step is 3/4 foot high. Each step is 1 foot wide. Statement I alone is sufficient, but statement II alone is not sufficient. Statement II alone is sufficient, but statement I alone is not sufficient. Both statements together are sufficient, but neither statement alone is sufficient. Statement I and II together are not sufficient. Given Set A = {2, 3, 4, 5} and Set B = {11, 12, 13, 14, 15}, two numbers are randomly selected, one from each set. What is the probability that the sum of the two numbers equals 16? (A) 0.20 (B) 0.25 (C) 0.30 (D) 0.33 Q. 6 Q. 10 carry two mark each. Q.6 Select the alternative meaning of the underlined part of the sentence. The chain snatchers took to their heels when the police party arrived. (A) (B) (C) (D) GA took shelter in a thick jungle open indiscriminate fire took to flight unconditionally surrendered 1/3

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GATE 2015 Q.7 SET- 5 General Aptitude -GA The given statement is followed by some courses of action. Assuming the statement to be true, decide the correct option. Statement: There has been a significant drop in the water level in the lakes supplying water to the city. Course of action: (I) The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation. (II) The government should appeal to all the residents through mass media for minimal use of water. (III) The government should ban the water supply in lower areas. (A) (B) (C) (D) Statements I and II follow. Statements I and III follow. Statements II and III follow. All statements follow. Q.8 The pie chart below has the breakup of the number of students from different departments in an engineering college for the year 2012. The proportion of male to female students in each department is 5:4. There are 40 males in Electrical Engineering. What is the difference between the numbers of female students in the Civil department and the female students in the Mechanical department? Q.9 The probabilities that a student passes in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are m, p, and c respectively. Of these subjects, the student has 75% chance of passing in at least one, a 50% chance of passing in at least two and a 40% chance of passing in exactly two. Following relations are drawn in m, p, c: (I) (II) (III) (A) (B) (C) (D) GA p + m + c = 27/20 p + m + c = 13/20 (p) (m) (c) = 1/10 Only relation I is true. Only relation II is true. Relations II and III are true. Relations I and III are true. 2/3

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GATE 2015 Q.10 SET- 5 General Aptitude -GA The number of students in a class who have answered correctly, wrongly, or not attempted each question in an exam, are listed in the table below. The marks for each question are also listed. There is no negative or partial marking. Q No. Marks 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 1 2 5 Answered Correctly 21 15 11 23 31 Answered Wrongly 17 27 29 18 12 Not Attempted 6 2 4 3 1 What is the average of the marks obtained by the class in the examination? (A) 2.290 (B) 2.970 (C) 6.795 (D) 8.795 END OF THE QUESTION PAPER GA 3/3


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