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ICSE Class X Prelims 2019 : Geography (St. John's Universal School, Mumbai)

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' & .., ST . JOHN'S UNIVERSAL SCHOOL First Prcllm Examination: 2018-2019 GEOGRAPHY TWO HOURS UNIVERSAL CLASS X __D_A_T_E_: _0_3...1,/_l _0.a... / 2,_0;._;1_8_ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _.:.:,: M:;;..A_R_K_S_:_s_o_____ Answ{'rs lo this papt' I" must hl' wrilt('n on lhc pnpcr provid ed separntcly. You will not hl' nllow<'d to writ(' during tlu lirst IS minutes. This tinH' is to he spent in rending the qu estion paper. Th<' timl' giHn nt tlH' hl'11tl of this p11prr is thl' time nllowed for writin g th e answers Atkmpt SC\' ('11 questions in all. Part I is c ompulsory. All qut'stions from Part I arc to he attempted . A total of fin questions arc to be nttcmptcd from Part II. The int('nded mnrks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ I Note: (i) In all l\fap Work, make wise use of arrows to avoid overcrowding of the map. (ii) Thr Map given at the end of this question paper must be detached, and after marking, must he fastened to your answer booklet. (iii) All sub-sections of the questions attempted must be answered in the correct serial order. (iv) All working including rough work should be done on the same answer sheet which is used to answer the rest of the paper. Section A (30 marks) (Attempt all questions from this section} Question 1. A. Study the Survey of India Map Sheet no. 45D/ 10 and answer the following questions: ~ a t is the brown circular line in grid square 1516 called? . (2) ~~t does the figure written along the line indicate? # 'ntion two mode of transport used by the people in the area shown in the ma p (1) e7/t. ~1,1/"'hich bank of Sipu Nadi is the ~illage Gulabganj situated? (2] ~ e r e does the village get its supply of water from throughout the year? ~ ~ at is meant by the term Fire line? [2] y~unt for the necessity of Fire Line in the jungle area of the given ma p extract. e~Jat is the nature of the cana l shown in the map extract? (3) jf ~asure in kilometers the tota l length of the canal. Dyfn what way does the pa ttern of drainage in grid square 2118 differ from that in grid srre 2114? , i{What do you mean by 5r in grid square 2220? [2]

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