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ICSE Class X Prelims 2019 : Geography (St. John's Universal School, Mumbai)

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DATE: 1 ,10112019 ST. JOHN,S UNIVERSAL SCHOOL SECOND PRELIM EXAMINATION 20ts. 2019 GEOGRAPHY TWO HOURS CLASS X MAJU<S~=-s_o__ Answers to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately, You are not allowed to write for the first 10 minutes . T This time is to be spent in reading your question paper. he thn e given at th e head of the paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. . Attempt all questions from Part I (Compulsory). Five questions are to be attempted from Part II, two out of three questions from Section A and three out of five questions from Section B. The intended marks for questions or parts of questio,is are given in brackets [ ]. PART-I (30 marks) Attempt all questions from this part Question 1. Study the Survey of India Map Sheet No.45 D/10 (Es-18-26 and Ns 01-09) and answer the following questions: *ft is the general slope of the land in the north west corner of the map extract? rdentify one man mad feature in grid square 1903. [1) [1] @Ifyou were to cycle at 10 Km an hour, how much time would it take to cover the north / south distance depicted on this map extract. [2) [2] {9r'NJH!le the type of settlement found in/ ~ri n~-w,~~s:e [2] drainage pattern in ~03 . e the distance in km along the metal road given in the map extract. _ (f) [2) hat is the main mode of transport in a major part of the jungle area? Give a reason for [ ] 2 your answer. r.entify the features in the following grid-squares: Hue32077 line in 2209 . [2] )M) ~ is a cause~ ay? Why ~re there so many c~useways in the extreme SW? [2] r h a t will the mam occupat10n of the people be m [2] (i) Highlands (ii) Lowlands

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