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Yasen Ali Syed Shakil
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PRACTICE PAPER-9 PERIODIC TABLE, ELECTROLYSIS, AMMONIA, NITRIC ACID and ACIDS , BASES AND SALTS Section I (40 Marks) Answer all the questions Question 1 a) Select a suitable word from the list given in brackets for each of the following statements. 5M ( Ammonia, Hydroxyl ion, Nitrogen dioxide, 7, Hydronium ion, fused Lead bromide, Acetic acid) i) ii) iii) iv) v) The number of electrons present in the outer most shell of a halogen. The ion which is responsible for the acidic nature of an acid. A strong electrolyte. The basic gas released when Ammonium salts are heated an alkali. The acidic gas released when Nitric acid undergoes thermal decomposition. b) Match the following. Example- vi-G 5M Part-A i) The amount of energy released Part-B when A) Electronegativity an element gains an electron B) Electron affinity ii) The amount of energy required C) Ionisation potential to remove an electron from its D) Non metal valence shell E) Electropositivity iii) The tendency to attract bond F) Metal pair of G) One valence electron electrons iv) The ease to lose electrons v) The element which tend to lose electrons vi) Group I

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