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Question .1. Name the following : (i) Two animals which have nineteen pairs of chromosomes. (ii) The type of gene which in the presence of a contrasting allele is not expressed. (iii) The branch of science dealing with heredity. (iv) A hereditary disease in which blood does not clot. (v) The unit of heredity. (vi) The number of pairs of autosomes in human being. (vii) The condition of both the alleles being identical. (viii) The chemical substance constituting genes. (ix) The sex chromosome of male. (x) The allele which expresses itself on the other. (xi) The genetic make up of an organism. (xii) A cross between one pair of contrasting character. (xiii) Two sex linked inherited diseases. Question .2. State whether the following are true or false : (i) The chemical present in gene is RNA. (ii) Both the identical allele are called homozygous. (iii) The genetic make up of an organism is called phenotype. (iv) Two arms of a chromosome is called centromere.

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