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Question .1. Name the following : (i) The tissue that transports manufactured starch from the leaves to all parts of plants. (ii) The tissue responsible for the ascent of sap in plants. (iii) The pressure responsible for the movement of water molecules across the cortical cells of the root. (iv) Condition of a cell placed in hypotonic solution. (v) The process by which water enters the root hair cell. (vi) The pressure exerted by cell contents on a plant cell wall. (vii) Tissue concerned with upward conduction of water in plants. (viii) Condition of cell in which the cell contents are shrunken. (ix) The inward movement of solvent molecules through the plasma membrane of a cell. (x) The process by which raisin swell up when placed in a beaker of water. (xi) Marine fish when thrown under tap water bursts because of : (a) Endosmosis (b) Exosmosis (c) Diffusion (d) Plasmolysis. (xii) Name the structure which transports manufactured food from leaves to other parts of the plant. (xiii) Name the kind of cells that constitute the cortex of a root. (xiv) Name the process by which intact plants lose water in the form of droplets. Question .2. State true or false : (i) Cells that have lost their water content are said to be deplasmolysed. (ii) Xylem is the water conducting tissue in plants. (iii) Spreading of particles by mixing is called diffusion. (iv) Root hairs are extension of epidermal cells. Question . 3. Arrange the following in correct order so as to be in a logical sequence: (i) Endodermis, root hair, xylem, soil water, cells of cortex. (ii) Cortical cell, root hair, xylem, water, veins. Question .4. Define the following : (i) Hypotonic solution. (ii) Active transport. (iii) Diffusion. Question .5. Explain the term plasmolysis. Give one application of this phenomenon in our daily life. Question .6. Differentiate between : (i) Cobalt chloride paper and goats bladder. (ii) Osmosis and diffusion. Question .7. Choose the correct alternative : (i) Marine fish when thrown under tap water bursts because of (endosmosis, exosmosis, diffusion, plasmolysis). (ii) The space between the cell wall and plasma membrane in plasmolysed cell is filled with (isotonic solution, hypotonic solution, hypertonic solution, water). (iii) Osmosis involves diffusion of (suspended particles from lower to higher concentration, suspended particles from higher to lower concentration, water from the more concentrated solution to the less concentrated solution, water from the less concentrated solution to the more concentrated solution). (iv) The process by which molecules distribute themselves evenly with in the space they occupy is termed as (osmosis, diffusion, active transport, imbibition). (v) Synthesized food in green leaves is transported through (phloem, xylem, pith). Question .8. Give biological reasons for : (i) Salt and sugar are used in preserving food. (ii) Some plants show wilting of their leaves during mid day even when the soil is well watered. (iii) On sprinkling common salt on grass growing in a lawn, the grass is killed.

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