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Question .1. Name the following : (i) The structure where photosynthesis takes place. (ii) The part of the chloroplast where the dark reaction of photosynthesis takes place. (iii) Plants that prepare their own food from basic raw materials. (iv) The energy currency of the cell. (v) The process by which green plants prepare their own food. (vi) The product of photosynthesis. (vii) A plant that does not perform photosynthesis. (viii) A gas released by green plants during photosynthesis. (ix) The raw materials needed for photosynthesis. (x) The site of light reaction. (xi) The substance from which oxygen is evolved during photosynthesis. Question .2. State true or false : (i) Photosynthesis occurs in all the cells of a plant. (ii) Stomata is stimulated by light. (iii) Grana helps in diffusion of gases. (iv) Photosynthesis results in the loss of dry weight of the plant. (v) The unit of light absorbed by the chlorophyll during photosynthesis is the proton. (vi) Photosynthesis stops to occur at a temperature above 35 C. (vii) Plants can be destarched by keeping in dark for 48 hours. Question .3. Choose the correct alternative : (i) A plant is kept in a dark cupboard for about 48 hours before conducting any experiment on photosynthesis to (remove chlorophyll from leaves, remove starch from the plant , ensure that no photosynthesis occurs, ensure that leaves are free from starch). (ii) The site of light reaction in the cells of a leaf is (grana, cytoplasm, stroma). (iii) The chemical substance used to test the presence of starch in the cell of a leaf is (cobalt chloride paper, iodine solution, Benedict s solution). (iv) The specific function of light energy in the process of photosynthesis is to (reduce carbon dioxide, synthesise glucose, activate chlorophyll, split water). (v) If the rate of respiration becomes more than the rate of photosynthesis plants will (continue to live but will not be able to store food, be killed instantly, grow more vigorously because more energy will be available, stop growing and gradually die of starvation). (vi) Which one of these reaction occurs during photosynthesis ? (carbon dioxide is reduced and water is oxidized, water is reduced and carbon dioxide is oxidized, carbon dioxide and water both are oxidized, carbon dioxide and water both are reduced). Question .4. Give exact location and function of : (i) Stoma, (ii) Thylakoids, (iii) Guard cell, (iii) Grana. Question .5. (i) Explain the following terms : Photolysis. (ii) What is meant by photolysis of water ? Question .6. Answer the following : (i) Name the two phases of photosynthesis. (ii) What is the role of light in this process ?

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