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Question .1. Name the following : (i) Transfers impulses from inner ear to brain. (ii) The part of brain which is concerned with memory. (iii) The protective covering of the brain. (iv) The junction between two nerve cells. (v) The fluid that is present inside and outside the brain. (vi) Protective covering of the brain and spinal cord. Question .2. Write true or false. Insert a word if false. (i) A reflex action is a spontaneous response to a stimulus. Question .3. Define Synapses Question .4. Choose : The dorsal root ganglion of the spinal cord contains cell bodies of (motor, sensory, intermediate) neurons. Question .5. Write the structural and functional activity of : (i) Cerebellum. (ii) Myelin sheath. (iii) Meninges. Question .6. Write the function of Medulla oblongata. Question .7.Write in logical sequence : (i) Dorsal root ganglion, receptor, effector, ventral root ganglion, associated neuron.\ Question .8. Differentiate between : (i) Medulla oblongata and Cerebellum. (ii) Cerebrum and spinal cord. (iii) Cerebrum and Cerebellum. (iv) Sensory and motor neuron. (v) Sensory and motor nerve Question .9. Write the category and the odd one out : (i) Coughing, sneezing, blinking, eating. (ii) Corpus luteum, corpus callosum, pons, cerebellum. (iii) Pleura, pericardium, meninges, spinal cord. (iv) Pons, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, cerebrum. Question .10. Answer briefly : (i) What is meant by reflex action ? (ii) State simple, conditioned reflexes or none. Sneezing, blushing, contraction of pupil, lifting up a book, knitting without looking, sudden application of brakes without thinking. Question . 11. The following diagram is that of a human brain. Guidelines 1 to 5 indicate different parts of the surface of the brain and these are as follows:

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