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Biology- Reproductive system Q+A

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Question .1. Name : (i) The organ in which foetus develops in a mammalian female. (ii) The male reproductive cells of mammals. (iii) The part of female reproductive system where fertilization takes place. (iv) Produces male gamets in man. (v) The fluid surrounding the developing embryo. (vi) The structure in which testes are present in man. (vii) The period of intrauterine development of embryo. (viii) The canal through which testes descend into scrotum just before birth in a huma male child. Question .2. Write true or false : (i) Zygote is the product of fusion of male and female gametes. (ii) Tubectomy involves the cutting and tying of vas deferens in male. (iii) Pregnancy in woman can be prevented by the method of vasectomy. (iv) Fertilization is the product of fusion of egg nucleus and sperm nucleus. (v) Fertilization of ova in human female occur in the vagina. Question .3. Choose the correct one : (i) Fertilization of human egg normally occurs in the (uterus, fallopian tube, vagina). (ii) The (epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle) store sperm. (iii) Sterlization of female involves cutting and tying the (ureter, uterus, urethra, oviduct). (iv) The site of fertilization in human female is (vagina, oviduct, uterus). Question .4. Write in logical sequence : (i) Implantation, ovulation, childbirth, gestation, fertilization. (ii) Sperm duct, penis, testis, sperm, semen. (iii) Graafian follicle, ostium, ovum, uterus, fallopian tube. (iv) Implantation, fertilization, ovulation, gestation. Question .5. Give the function of : (i) Testis. (ii) Scrotum. (iii) Placenta. (iv) Acrosome. (v) Amniotic fluid. (vi) Amnion. (vii) Seminiferous tubule. Question .6. Pick the odd one : (i) Larynx, pancreas, testis, ovary. (ii) Ovary, fallopian tube, ureter, uterus. Question .7. Explain briefly : Most often only one embryo is formed at a time although there are two ovaries in women. Question . 8. What is meant by gestation period ? Question .9. Differentiate between : (i) Structure of sperm and structure of ovum. (ii) Prostate and cowpers gland (nature of secretion). (iii) Implantation and gestation (definition).

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