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Chemistry Periodic table Question paper

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Nilanjan Das
St. Xavier's College (SXC), Kolkata
Master of Science Biotechnology
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ICSE Chemistry Test PERIODIC TABLE By Nilanjan Das ( ) F.M. 40 Time: 1 hour ________________________________________________________________________________________ Answers to this paper must be written separately in your test copy. You will NOT be allowed to write during the first 7 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. This question paper is divided into two sections. Section I contains one question with parts (a) to (d); all the four parts are to be answered. Section II contains three questions numbered 2 to 4. You are to answer any two of these questions. The intended marks of questions or for parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. Section I [Compulsory] [20 marks] Question 1 (a) Choose the most appropriate answer: (i) The element having the highest electron affinity 1. Fluorine 2. Chlorine 3. Bromine (ii) Group IIA elements are known as 1. Alkali metals 2.Alkaline earth metals 3. Halogens (iii) Baring Hydrogen, the other element that attains duplet configuration is 1. Carbon 2. Boron 3. Lithium (iv) If element A has low I.P. and a low electronegativity, it is likely to be a 1. metal 2. Metalloid 3. Non-metal (v) Which of these will have highest number of electron shells? 1. Ar 2. He 3. Ne [5] 4. Iodine 4. Chalcogens 4. Calcium 4. Any of the above 4. Na (b) (i) Name a property of elements that is not periodic. (ii) What is the cause of periodicity? (iii) State the modern periodic law. (iv) How many elements are there in the 1st period? [1+1+2+1] (c) (i) An element A belongs to the third period and Group IA of the periodic table. Find out: (1) number of valence electrons of the element (2) metal or non-metal (3) name of the family of the element (ii) An element has atomic number 15. State its (1) period (2) group in the periodic table. [3] (d) The electronic configuration of an element T is [2,8,7]. (i) What is the group no. of T? (ii) What is the period no. of T? (iii) What is the valency of T? (iv) Is T a metal or a non-metal? (v) State the reaction of T with magnesium (Mg). [5] [2]

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