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ICSE Notes 2017 : Biology Transpiration

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Question .1. Name the following : (i) The respiratory openings found on stems of woody plants. (ii) An apparatus to compare the rate of transpiration in cut shoots. (iii) The process by which intact plants lose water in the form of droplets. (iv) Opening on the stem through which transpiration occurs. (v) Opening found on the under surface of dorsiventral leaves. (vi) The paper which is used to show loss of water through stoma of a leaf. (vii) An instrument used for measuring the rate of transpiration. (viii) The structure through which most of the transpiration takes place. (ix) The process of loss of water in the form of droplets. (x) The structure through which guttation takes place. (xi) The kidney-shaped cells present on stomata. (xii) The plant having sunken stomata. (xiii) The chemical used to prevent excessive transpirationin plants. Question .2. State true or false : (i) Low humidity in the atmosphere results in a decrease in the rate of transpiration. (ii) Transpiration takes place only in the green plants. (iii) The wall of a guard cell towards the stoma is thin. (iv) Leaves are reduced to spines in xerophytic plants. (v) The loss of water droplets is called bleeding. (vi) The pH of the guard cells increase during day time. (vii) The escape of plant-sap from the cut surface is called guttation Question .3. Give the technical terms for the following : (i) Loss of water in the form of water droplets from the margin of leaves. (ii) Transports manufactured food from leaves to other parts of the plant. Question .4. Define the following : (i) Transpiration (ii) Guttation. Question .5. Explain briefly : (i) Xerophytes have their leaves modified to spines or reduced in size. (ii) A higher rate of transpiration is recorded on a windy day rather than on a calm day.

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