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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Geography (Hume McHenry Memorial High School of S. D. A., Pune)

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Saisha Chavan
Hume McHenry Memorial High School of S. D. A., Pune
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Hume McHenry Memorial High School Salisbury Park Pune 411037 Academic Year 2020 2021 Semester Examination - 2 Subject Geography Date:- 15/12/2020 Class: - X Marks : 80 PART :- I - 30 MARKS ( all questions are compulsory) Question 1: Study the extract Survey of India Map No. G43 S/10 and answer the following questions: Appendix (a). What is the scale of the map in R.F form ? (b). How do you describe the feature associated with the point 574256 ? (c). Find the direction of village Goreli from the village Makawal. (d). Why do you find few white patches in the map area ? (e). Give two map evidences to show that the area is economically backward. (f). Describe the drainage pattern found in the grid square 5827 and 5524. (g). Give four figure grid references of the following. (1). Village Butri (2). Dry tank to the south of Settlement Mitan. (h). In what ways does the pattern of settlement in grid 6029 differ from that in Grid Square 5531 ? (i). On which bank of the nadi is the Village Nimbora situated ? Give reasons For your answer. (j). What is the direct distance from village Solatra to Village Rampura Khera ? (k). What is the meaning of 3r in grid 6029 ? Question 2: In the outline map of India.... (a). Mark and label Karakoram Range (b). Mark and label Satpura (c). Shade and label Gangetic Plains (d). Label the river Narmada (e). Label the river Chambal (f). Label the river Cauveri (g). Shade and name Gulf of kutch (h). Mark and name Karakoram Pass (i). Mark with a dot and name Chennai (j). Mark with a dot and name Allahabad (1 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (1 mark) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) PART:- II - 50 MARKS (attempt any 5 questions ) Question 3: 1. (i).Name the type of climate prevailing over India. (ii). Mention any two factors responsible for it. 2. What is the direction of the summer monsoon ? Why? 3. Give geographical reasons for the following : (i). Even in summer Shimla is cooler than Delhi. (2) (2) (3)

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