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ISC Class XII Prelims 2019 : Chemistry (Alexandra School, Amritsar)

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Sulabh Mehta
Alexandra School, Amritsar
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Pre Council EPmination - 2019 M.M. 70 ClassXII Paper- J Cbet11istry (Theory) Time :-3hrs AL-70 .,.d llowedadditiona/J51t1inutesforonlyreadingthepaper Can:ll aIe are a . tbe tim They must not start writing during e. , PART-1 (20 marks) Answer all questions Question-1 (a)Fill in the blanks by choosiug appropriate word from those given in the brackets: \ (Nature,number,lime,tetragonal,unity,trihydric,decreases in temperatur~,does not change,di yaric,zero,sweets,four,anode,methyl cyanide,cathode,nitrous,acid, solutions,slow,overall,order,molecularity) (i)The crystal system in which all three axes are at right angles to each other but only two axes are equal is known as--------- . (ii)ln an electrochemical-cell, negative terminal is------ and positive terminal is----------- l (iii)---ofa.reaction is sum of number ofmolecules of reactant taking part in---------Step of reaction. (iv)Extent of physisorption of gas increases with-------(b) Complete the following choosing correct alternative from given choices: l .The stereoisomers which are related to each other as non superimposable mirror images a. geometricaJ isomers c. Tautomers d. Diastereomers ....-b'Enantiomers 2.0ctahedral compl~xes have hybridisation oftype a.sp3 c.sp2d /4sp3d2 d.dsp2 3.Molecular mass ofNa S0 2 4 as determined by use of colligative property a. Equal to nonnal molecular weight b. half of nonnal value c. Double the normal value /4. One-third of normal value (1) +2 (Paper-1) Chemistry (Theory) (1-6) 70 .--

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