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ICSE Prelims 2016 : Mathematics (St. Anns English Medium School, Butchirajupalem, Visakhapatnam)

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MP Harsha
St. Ann's English Medium School, Butchirajupalem, Visakhapatnam
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CLASS: PRE-FINALEXAI\4INATION-IAN-2016 TIME:2112hrsMARKS:80 SUglgCt: UrtttnpltttCs (40 marks)(Attempt all questions from this section) Section: L A Question:1 Without using trigonometric tables, evaluate Sin2340 + s#so'o + 2tan18otan720 -cot2300 ani factor theorm, factorise the following polynominal U 6 Calculate the area of the shaded region, Takez :'- ,t icircle is equal to 14cm. e if the diameter of the d,_1.l 7 Question:2 (i) Varun inverts a sum of money in RS. 50 shares, paying 1 5% dividend uoted at 20Yo premium. his annual dividend is Rs.600, calculate {i) The number of shares he bought (+n His total investment 3 @ The rate of return on his investment :. If owing points A(q3), B(2,1) and C(5,a) are coilinear rc rs 2464cm2. It is melted and recast into solid right lculate the radius of the sphere e{*"number ion:3 - I 22' 7 12% end bo year frrst Kfuan r of cones recast. . TakelT he repays Rs.8,400 at the end unt of loan outstanding at the beginning of the third year. Find the values of X, which salisfy the inequation-2.1 a;-'{ = Z,*e - 3-, 3 graph the solution set on the number line die has 6 faces marked by the given numbers as shown below: j': o@@o@@ tr"he die is thrown once what is the probability -!D ^ integer greater than of gett\ng(tf apositive integer + ii) the smallest integer Question:4 numbers 6,8,10,12,13, and x axo affanged in an ascending ordeg If the mean of the observations is to the median. find the value of x b. In the figure, b!g-:Sgo. BD is a diarneter of the circle. Calculate irlBDC. (ii Eg E 3

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